Moritz Wagner: Current Coach and Teammate Endorsements

Submitted by Blue Noise on April 19th, 2015 at 4:54 PM

Nice writeup from the Daily with quotes from Wagner's coach at Alba Berlin, who says that Moritz will be ready for the NBA Draft in two years:

“I predict two years for him, to achieve even a good position in the NBA draft,” said Alba Berlin coach Saša Obradović following his team’s 78-74 win over the Phoenix Hagen on April 15.

Also quotes from Wagner teammate and former Villanova player Reggie Redding, who played in the 2009 Final Four:

“I think (Wagner’s) going to have to make some adjustments, because learning how to play over (in Europe) is a little different than how they play back in the states. But he’s got the skill, he’s got the attitude and the hunger to be good so I think it’ll happen pretty quickly for him.”



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He's agile and looks to be legitmately 6'9" or more. I think, given his apparent enthusiasm for the game, Michigan will have a very good player once Coach Beilein has had the chance to teach him for a couple of years. I don't expect much this year, though, because he's going to have a lot to adjust to.


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Often agree with your comments Erik in Dayton, and certainly do so here.  My hope is for Wagner to provide us a season that is a mix of the good things we saw from Chatman (flashes of so much more), MAAR (some big contributions in big games), and Dawkins (consitent improvement and good 3 point shooting).  Wagner's not going to be in the top 6 or 7 core rotation but he could be a fringe player who provides a bench spark before stepping into a bigger role in '16-17.


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Those aren't exactly ringing endorsements...  And personally I wasn't that impressed with his film.  His shot is very slow and he's going to be playing against much better athletes who will block those shots in the US.  I do fully trust Beilein though so I'm sure he'll whip him into shape.


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Every freshman has to adjust when they get to college. That's not something unique to Mortiz. The bigger adjustment will be in terminology and style of play IMO. Not in terms of quality of competition since most players deal with that, though admittedly maybe not as stark as his but there's still an adjustment from high school/AAU to one of the best conferences in the country.


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yeah most guys are playing for milk money in euro, its def a different game.  its not nba but theyre still pros.  the styles different, as is the culture / attitude.  

and while dudes know how to play the game, majority of the athletes lack the upside and elite potential of major high school and aau ballers here.  but comparable enough.  

the main difference will be those years when like 4-5 big ten teams have legit pro prospects on the wing - his game must be refined (and physically ready)  when dueling 10-12 times per year vs great athletes with bounce.  

havent seen him play but im sure his individual game will require adjustment, just as he must adapt to different culture and style of play  (but something all freshmen must do when jumping levels)


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Speed of the shot can be addressed and is not as big of a deal when you're 6'9". That's more important for guards. GRIII's shot wasn't quick by any means and he never struggled to get it off. College coaches help guys adjust their shots all the time and Beilein is one of the best at that. Just look at how Stauskas quickened his release from year 1 to year 2. Very noticeable. I wouldn't worry about it.


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I don't know why people down voted you for this. I too was surprised that the quotes weren't a bit more positive. The coach's quote sounded like he was tempering expectations, saying he won't be at that level for at least a couple years. It sounded from both quotes like they were saying "lower your expectations a little". 

His coach is no Fred Jackson, that's for sure. 


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I think he will bring a new dimension to the team. I have high hopes, at least in year 2.

Beilein mentioned that LeVert can play the 1 through 3 positions.  We could put a pretty good zone defense out there.

1. LeVert   6-7

2. Irvin       6-6

3. Robinson 6-8

Wagner     6-10

Doyle        6-9

That wouldn't be a bad team on offense either.  Which still leaves you with Dawkins 6-6, Chatman 6-7 and Wilson 6-9.


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but quickness is still more important than height, even in a zone.  And length is more important than height. You want both, obviously...

I suspect when going to a zone that Michigan would be better of defensively using Walton instead of Irvin for example, and Wilson and Chatman over Doyle and Robinson.  The nice thing about the zone is it can mitigate some of the speed athleticism issues with length, which could be a significant help for a guy like Robinson.  But good defense is good defense


April 20th, 2015 at 1:28 PM ^

Used the zone a lot last year, but in the past you are right, it was a pure change of pace. 

Morgan was a plus defender. I think Trey, GR3 and THJ were a little underrated as defenders as well. 

My point was just that height doesn't equal good zone defense. Beilein is always going to be more offensive-focused.



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He will be a good player for us. Maybe not a dominator in the first year, but I expect him to contribute solid minutes and play smart basketball for us. In two or three years he could be an All Big Ten kind of player. We will be loaded in two years with MAAR, Dawkins, Wagner, Robinson, Doyle, Wilson, Chatman, Walton, and maybe Irvin. There's a lot to be optimistic about for the future. That team could go to the Final Four if everyone lives up to their potential.