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Submitted by readyourguard on May 12th, 2014 at 10:00 AM

I've been a season ticket holder for a long time and have always had the opportunity to buy tickets to away games.  However, if my memory doesn't betray me, those games were the "lesser" opponents: Northwestern, Iowa, Purdue, IU, etc.

This year, I can (and did) buy tickets to Rutgers, Michigan State, and Oiho State.

Rutgers - Oct 4 - $100each

MSU - Oct 25 - $80 each

Northwestern - Nov 8 - $70

Oiho St - Nov 29 - $150

I don't know if this says something about ticket demand throughout the conference, ticket prices as a whole, or nothing at all.  I also wonder if I could maybe make a couple bucks by reselling the tickets.  I'm not opposed to playing the ticket stock market.

Go Blue.



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Kind of ticket related...

Does anyone know if there is a detailed seating chart for the big house showing row and seat numbers?  I found one on seatgeek that showed the rows but gives no info on specific seat number.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kilgore Trout

May 12th, 2014 at 10:33 AM ^

The aisles at Michigan Stadium run right down the middle of the section. I think it depends on where in the stadium you are (sideline vs corner vs endzone) but in section 22 (sideline) the aisle runs between seats 12 and 13. I think in general the low teens are always going to be the ones on the aisle. 20s and low single digits will be well into the center of the section and far from the aisle. 


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FYI... the corner sections are oddly shaped and get wider as you go up. I sit almost at the top of section 18 (which is almost, but not quite, in the SW corner). The aisle there goes between seats 24 and 25.


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Also the Rutgers tix are in relatively high demand on the Stubhub market too...  Looks like there are a lot of NYC area folks who are willing to throw down dollars in order to see Michigan play.


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I've been offered away tickets before for MSU/ND/OSU.  I think I was limited to purchasing 4.  It depends on how many priority points you have, I think they have a cut-off for who gets offered.

In my experience though, the away game tickets that they sell are usually higher rows and I prefer lower rows so I buy my away game tix on stubhub typically.

I dumped the Dope

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I am curious did you contact the Athletic Dept or did they contact you?

I admit to being in probably the very lowest PSD tier even after 20 years of holding season tix and so I wouldn't be surprised the Ath Dept passed me over.

That said, I'm interested in attending this game, have some friends who live in the NYC area.


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I believe we receive a fixed amount of tickets to away games and those tickets are made available first and foremost to those with the highest point totals and then, if any are not purchased, they make the remaining seats available to those with lesser points.

If I was to read anything into the newfound availability of attracive away games such as these it would be that the ticket purchasing malaise extends throughout all spectrums of potential buyers so those in the upper point echelon arent buying as many road games as they once did.

Personally I think this is a great opportunity to go to away games and sit with fellow Michigan fans and not with the enemy.  I've always had as much if not more fun at away games (if we win-long trip home when we lose) and these are all potentially really good games!


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I was thinking about going to the ND game this year in South Bend, does anybody know where the Michigan "section(s)" usually is in their stadium? 


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Would anybody be willing to buy 2 tix to Rutgers for an NYC alum? It would be awesome to sit with UM fans!



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I just got a great job paying $41/hr by going to! All I needed was basic typing skills and a frontal lobotomy ...

Whoops. Sorry. Wrong site. I got carried away reading all the bots on MLive.

Where were we ... Northwestern is all but a Michigan home game, so that would definitely seem like a bargain at $70. Rutgers could make for a great fall weekend in NYC and there should be many U-M alumni in the stands for the game. Those would be my choice.

rob f

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game at Northwestern.  Only $27 per ticket, started watching for them  mid-summer and pulled the string on them about a month before that game.  NU fans started dumping their tickets when the season went south on them.