More Sparty Luck

Submitted by UMdad on May 4th, 2011 at 11:59 AM

First MSU gets to play Ohio State during the suspensions this year, then they get this from Boise States' self imposed sanctions...

"The school also will have three fewer scholarships to give in the next two years, and three fewer practices before the season opener against Michigan State in 2012 as well, according to the report. """""""" 


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I still expect Sparty to get decimated by Boise. OSU is a whole 'nother story...but what does it matter if they'll be losing to Blue regardless??


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Hoke appears to be doing a good job in the state of Michigan (hopefully this builds nationally).  That will be much more destructive to Sparty than Boise losing a couple of scholarships.


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Yes, this makes me think of that one MSU fellow who posted on this blog after the State game and said that Rodriguez's coming to Michigan was the best thing MSU could ask for, since the types of player that would usually choose Michigan over State were now all going to State (pro-style QBs, "power" RBs etc.).


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They lose 3 starting offensive linemen, their starting TE and their leading receiver from offense, and 6 starters from their defense.  I'd guess it's going to be this year that they return to form.  They win at best 8 games this year IMO, and with their schedule even that might be a stretch.


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Their tough schedule did them no favors.  So I hope for a struggle.  And although they are replacing 3 OL-men, Cousins did look pretty good during their spring game.  He went 22/29 285 yds, 3 TDs, no Ints.  I'm hoping that's more b/c of a bad defense (?) but those are some pretty good numbers irregardless.


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I'm not even going to comment on the usage of "irregardless" here.  All I'm going to say is people thought Michigan would be pretty good in 2007 as well, what with a senior QB who ended up as a second round pick, a senior LT that ended up as the #1 overall pick, a senior RB who was statistically one of the best in school history, not to mention two stud WR's who would end up being NFL draft picks.

Unfortunately people overlooked the fact that Michigan was also losing more than one starter off the offensive line, their starting TE, one starting WR, and like six defensive starters.  Sound familiar?

MSU will lose at least 4 games this year.


May 4th, 2011 at 7:19 PM ^

I think a big reason for the struggles in 2007 were the injuries that Henne and Hart had to play with all year.  You definitely make a good point about the holes that needed to be filled heading into '07 but Henne and Hart battling injuries all year also played a significant role in the struggles the '07 team had.


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The main reason that we've focused in-state and in the midwest is that we haven't had to go national with the amount of talent in the state. Why go abroad and have to introduce recruits to michigan when they can stay at home. Also it's really hard to get someone form california to take an unofficial visit on their own dime. I think national recruiting will pick up when recruits take officials because i haven't heard of any recruit visiting so far and not loving loving it.

Edit: woot finally back up to 100 points and being a real mgouser again


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well I mean its little brother come on, everytime I played my little brother I had to handicap myself and only use my left hand when going 1 on 1. I guess college football is taking the same concept towards them.


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I agree with the idea that Sparty was blessed with some influx of talent because of RR and staff preferring to look elsewhere. However, those days are over . . .

Braden - Mich

Stacey - Ohio

Ringer - Mich

RJS - Mich

Funchess - Mich

Williams - Ohio

Bolden - Ohio

Ross - Mich


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why anyone who takes academics AND sports seriously would choose msu, particularly given the stench from the stanky red cedar. I know the women are easy there, but c'mon.


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Mens BB is one. In the past decade theres been no better school in the state for it (I hate to say)

For an athlete, playing time for football. Not everyone can start at UM. Even the lowliest schools can produce NFL talent.

And while Michigan is great, some very deserving people just don't get in.  It's a shame, but MSU is a good second choice in the state.  No other school offers sports and academics like the two Big Ten schools.


May 4th, 2011 at 1:26 PM ^

It’s good that BSU is self-imposing these, it make OSU look even worse. Hammering their own football team when they were secondary violations and taking the hit for tennis.  A ham sandwich and a pillow on a couch vs. free tats, cars, cash and cover-ups, more pain for the Bucks. I need to go to the store and get more popcorn. 


As for Sparty, I watched their work release/ spring game and they did the full team draft and it didn’t look like they held anything out of the play book (I’m sure they did). Did they run that off balance line last year? No surprises except the TE (#85?). 


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The only result I can cheer for is for whichever team wins having to vacate the victory later.  That way, both lose.