More problems for Ohio State involving Terrelle Pryor??

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It appears Ohio State may have more problems .. possibly involving Terrelle Pryor ... involving a $606.00 car repair invoice paid for by the Ohio State compliance department. It appears the funds were taken from the "Student-Athlete Opportunity Fund". It is not known if the funds were used for Pryor's vehicle, but either way, it appears to be a violation.

Ohio State University's director of NCAA compliance signed an invoice for more than $600 in car repairs for a student-athlete, that may have involved  Terrelle Pryor, in April.

According to a document obtained Friday by 10 Investigates, Doug Archie, the university's director of NCAA compliance, signed an invoice for a six-hour car repair to Auto Direct for $606.

A purchase form signed by Archie said that the money came out of the "Student-Athlete Opportunity Fund," 10 Investigates' Paul Aker reported.

Some examples of how the fund is supposed to be used include summer school, medical expenses, travel for family emergencies or academic achievement awards.

"I can't believe the NCAA considers auto repairs an emergency situation deserving this kind of funding," Adams said.  "I don't think there is a good faith explanation.   I think it's real troubling to find that at this stage in April that it's paid for by a fund that is not related to auto repair."

"The university and Big Ten (Conference) have the discretion to use the fund in circumstances where there is a financial, medical or other emergency," according to statement released Friday by Ohio State.  "This fund was permitted by the Big Ten Conference."

Ohio State officials declined to comment about the document that 10 Investigates uncovered.



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Not only did I think he was telling the truth, but his "irrational" actions sounded a lot like someone who had, indeed, gotten a very serious death threat.  In Clarett's case, an old adage may apply: it isn't paranoia if someone is really out to get you.

Also, it is no accident that everyone who "rats out" THE Ohio State University suddenly "changes his mind" or "was misquoted" 24 hours later.  There are a lot of dirty programs out there, but Ohio is the only one I know of that uses death threats to silence potential witnesses.  We'll see if they continue to be rewarded for it in a couple of months.

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"Death threats"?  Witness intimidation?  Obstruction of justice?  Conspiracy?  Tater isn't talking about NCAA violations; he's describing about a half dozen felonies.  And yes, I am afraid that I do think that it is something of an embarassment to MGoBlog.  To be associated with "death threat allegations."  Even if it is but a single person posting on a message board.

Simply no comparison.

I might suggest that you point out something of mine that was equivalent, but I just don't care what you think, or what you've got to show for yourself.




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I believe this is a common theme.  Allegations of impropriety seem to be continually arising and I doubt there will be any slow down.  The NCAA should have its hands full just figuring out everything that goes down there. 

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It finally makes sense! Gee and Smith will have the last laugh in the end. See, their strategy is to slowly uncover more violations week by week for a very very very long time (possibly into 2014) so that the NCAA is forced to keep gathering information for the hearing and will eventually quit due to exhaustion.

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With all thats come out since Tat-Gate was exposed there's been no shortage of popcorn GIFs on this site. However, the rumors of cars, pay-to-play and even possible point shaving really haven't blown open this situation as we all thought it would. As dispicable as the current charges are, and it's great that all these cute little facts are being brought to light, will TSIO actually take it hit from any of them besides the intial Tat-Gate violation??


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Does anyone have confirmation re whether NCAA investigators are still snooping around Columbus? Gee said they left several weeks ago. It just seems so odd given the continuing drumbeat in the media. Why would the NCAA not be chasing down these leads in Ohio? 


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Sorry guys.  This looks bad, but it isn't a violation.  As long as the Big Ten is ok with it, the NCAA is ok with it.  Read the documentation.

Additionally, here's a tweet from Illinois' assistant AD (who should know and has a vested interest in seeing OSU suffer)


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This is awful reporting. Trying to pile on tOSU compliance but they have no idea what they're talking about

BylawBlog agrees as well.


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While probably not a violation, the optics sure a bad.  If I was a tOSU alumn (*shudder*)  or trustee I would be after the AD's head right now.  I fail to see how most of these allegations would help build a better team on the field (I would imagine the majority of top-recruits have a lot more to consider when picking a school than tats and loaner cars, and if they are looking for goodies I would guess there are much larger prizes in the offering down south) and even through Tressell obviously stupidly didn't think they were a big deal, the AD's job should have been to pick up the slack and make sure the program didn't get put in jeopardy.  A good AD could have kept Tressel's winning streak on the field and rode herd on his blind spot to stupid violations.  Instead, they got some dofus who switched away from written performance reviews, obstinanately assisted in trying to keep all of this under wraps, and has very realistically teed the program up for crippling sanctions.


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The problem is not the fact that they used the SAOF to pay for an auto repair, in and of itself. What seems ridiculously far fetched is that Archie would ok a payment to Auto Direct in April..April! I don't see that being a smart play by compliance unless they were up against it with the loaner situation. I mean Archie had just fallen all over himself saying he had never spoken to Auto Direct about anything, only to have Kniffen refute that by, oh about 100 calls! Maybe I'm crazy, but no way in heck would Archie ok a payment above the usual $500 limit unless he was in "oh crap" mode about the phantom auto repairs that are the supposedly legit reason for the slew of tricked out loaner cars cruising around the athletic department..Dollars to doughnuts he knew they needed an invoice.


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What are they doing fixing the football players cars. I thought their M.O was to just give them a new car every other month. Geez OSU, how cheap of you!

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I love your 'Directions To Columbus' at the bottom. The MDen sold that as a bumper sticker a long time ago, not sure if they still do or not. I have a coworker that's a osu fan and I always remind him how to get to Columbus from Ann Arbor, hahahahaha. Dirty, Smelly, Filthy BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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My guess it Compliance did it because the sooner they paid it, the sooner he'd have to stop using whatever loaner it was the dealership gave him.