More OSU Woes

Submitted by Dr.Jay on October 4th, 2011 at 1:26 PM

My friend, a big OSU fan has heard that Verlon Reed OSU's best reciever not already suspended, is out for the year with a torn ACL, also he said Posey and Boom Herron will probably never suit up again for OSU because they are second time offenders and the university wants to show the NCAA they are serious about cleaning the school up( I literally LOL'ed at that)



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I feel bad for anyone who tears up their ACL.

That "no Herron or Posey ever again" talk, if confirmed, is huge. OSU would seriously be looking at no bowl game.


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They may still be able to squeak into a bowl. They should beat Indiana and Purdue, and would have a decent shot to beat Penn State at home in a defensive struggle. They'll lose the others.

Hopefully Reed can recover and regain the full use of his knee.


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I LOL'ed about the Posey/Herron comment too.  Is your friend THAT out of touch with reality?

At Ohio State, you don't try to show the NCAA that you're serious about cleaning up the program.  You just deny, deny, deny and then when you're caught again, you claim that rules are stupid and you shouldn't be punished for breaking them. 


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Has anyone heard with any degree of accuracy when the NCAA will unleash the hammer on Ohio?

A Monday, November 21st announcement of the penalties would make for an interesting week-long lead-in to THE GAME.  It may be wishful thinking but fun to consider nonetheless.

The sound of the giant sucking noise created from the mass exodus of new recruits from Cheatbus, OH would be second only to Frank Beckmann’s call of the final seconds of Michigan whipping Ohio’s ass, declaring the past seven years as some wicked nightmare, waking up to the dismantling (albeit self-inflicted) of the Bucknuts program.


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I hope the NCAA doesn't decide anything until after NSD.  It would be justice seeing as how tOSU knew about Tresselgate and waited until after NSD to release the information.  Let them twist in the wind a while before you cut them down.  Recruits won't come, neither will coaches with an uncertain future.

Son of Lloyd Brady

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but I just found this comment on a news article from the plain dealer:



and comment:

"Unbelievable ...... The NCAA has made it a witch hunt . No major violations ...repeat No major violations + no players arrested for anything ...just the selling of their own memorabilia for tattoos and the HC not reporting the minor infractions ...." minor Infractions " . Plus the QB Terrelle Pryor suspended for ( 5 ) in the NFL when he has committed no crimes whatsoever .... This is just unbelievable ! We have Senators and Congressmen and Wall Street Guru's stealing millions or even billions of dollars + Other Football programs cheating in recruiting + players involved in drugs and or sexual favors ...Not T OhioStateUniversity because the NCAA and ESPN have been in a witch hunt for almost 1 year and only minor infractions were found to be wrong . This isn't fair or justified ."

Their continued "woe is me" argument simply makes it more hilarious as to how oblivious they are to the corrupt program that they have been running. I just can't get over it.


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Ohio State is never going to live this Tressel era down. 

But for the suspendees, there's really no excuse for this stuff, though because the football players all attend mandatory inservices/presentations from university athletics compliance teams about these no-no's and they get tons of guides in writing and are told to "read them" and ask questions.

The coaches need to then follow through.

I would accept that it's not easy to keep noses clean with all of these dumbass boosters lurkying around.

I feel very badly for Buckeyes WR Verlon Reed. He's a good player and the Buckeyes really need him. May he have a very fast recovery.





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That's too bad for Reed. Hopefully, he has an opportunity to play again once healed. As for Herron and Posey, if they care so little for their school and its reputation, then they really shouldn't play ever again. 

Question, however - who is the seventh-string WR on their roster?


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Absolutely beautiful clip whoever put that in.... You have exquisite taste. Brian really ought to use that. Yeah the kittens are funny but this is war. Yessir 'smells like victory'. They are a bunch of cheaters. I wonder how Boren feels about his 'family values' now? And just a reminder gentlemen. ND can go fuck themselves. GO Blue!


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In other bad OSU injury news. Apparently Scott McVey is about to get sent to St. Saban soon for his like third torn labrum. Source is a kid i play football with who went to St. Iggy