More OSU News Coming Soon?

Submitted by Happy Gilmore on September 8th, 2011 at 11:39 AM

ESPN just reported on TV (no online articles yet) that two firms that were reviewing Ohio State's compliance programs will be presenting their reports to the school today. Although I wouldn't be suprised to see them say that the compliance department is one of the best in the country leading by example through self-reporting of more violations than any other school, I am still hoping for something interesting to come.


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from Sports by Brooks read:

"Ex-employee of tattoo parlor guy who got Tressel fired formally interviewed by NCAA last week + handed over photos".

It's hard to know what is going on, since the NCAA doesn't talk about ongoing investigations, and OSU denies and obfuscates at every turn, but I'm hoping this really drags on, and more information continues to dribble out.



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Until the NCAA grows a pair, I won't consider any news from Columbutt to be damning.  They've convinced the NCAA that they've followed the rules as best they can and the small, centralized "cancers" have been removed.



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It's not the NCAA "growing a pair" concerning Ohio as it is Mark Emmert's refusal to remove himself from the process due to the conflict of interest caused by his progeny/mentor relationship with Gordon Gee.  

To put it bluntly, Michigan would never have gone on probation for stretching if anyone in the Michigan administration had been Mark Emmert's mentor.


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really, that was just said.  I know this board has gone a bit Mlive lately but seriously, when people say things like that I have to assume you are posting in between huffing gas and glue. 


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1. As noted below, Brooks' confirmation that Ellis met with the NCAA should support Ellis' credibility about many other allegations made in the SI article.  In any case, it confirms a recent, continuing investigation.

2.  I wonder if new questions will be raised by some admittedly confusing tweets recently.    OSU players seem to say that JT---supposedly having left in disgrace---still is “checking in” with the team.  His brother denies this, but it mades one participant in the discussion wonder:   Are we to believe that JT is talking to Clarret but says nothing to his own brother about the team?  Maybe I am taking this line of thought too far, but it makes me wonder: what are the chances that Jim Tressel continues to be a consultant for the new coach at OSU behind the scenes, while he waits 7 games to begin serving as a consultant to his NFL team?  It's hard for me to believe he wouldn't be talking to his own brother. 

3. Regardless of new concerns, the link below shows how pissed some press members are getting with the NCAA's apparent favoritism toward certain teams.  People are already pissed about the transcript of the NCAA's disgraceful interview of Tressel, in which they lobbed up one softball after another, using leading questions to assure that no new information was revealed.   With the current public disgust with the NCAA, I can't see how the NCAA can continue to get away with not talking to Talbot, the used car dealer.   I think that, if the NCAA does not act convincingly, all hell will break loose.   The question is: do they care as much about public opinion as they do about OSU threats and behind-the-scenes manipulation?


The tweets

Aug. 23, 2011 8:39 p.m. - by Doug Bean - Dick Tressel says he has talked to brother Jim
….. I’ve heard a lot of guys saying, 'hey, coach is checking in,' so I know he’s with us… ” Buckeyes RapidReports

@BeanDoug: Assistant coach Dick Tressel said he hasn't spoken with his brother Jim about the team.



So Clarett has, and Dick hasn't.  


NCAA credibility up in smoke…


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re: Dick Tressel "hasn't spoken with his brother Jim about the team."  That might be because, I don't know, it would look bad?  It never says he hasn't spoken with his brother. 


And you top it off with a Finebaum article, fantastic.  PAWWWLLLLLL is just butthurt from Alabama getting hit so many times over the years and he wants Auburn to vacate last year's title.  He is an unabashed Bama homer and the leader of the world's trolls. 


Keep in mind, SbB reported the NCAA had checks with Pryor's name on them in, uhh what happened to that? 


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I'll be very intersted to see what USC does this offseason. I'm guessing they sign a full class of recruits and dare the NCAA to do anything about it. Now Oregon is in the clear, UNC will take nothing more than what Ohio gets and the ball of shit will keep picking up speed.


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The “objective” review OSU has sought about their compliance is from a firm called Protiviti.

ALL FIVE members of the executive leadership came from Arthur Andersen, the consulting firm that lost its license after being found guilty of criminal charges relating to the firm's handling of the auditing of Enron.  AA actually shredded evidence  (interesting, given that some posters here have expressed concerns some about the preservation of OSU documents, including emails now being sought by ESPN in court) here we have OSU compliance being examined by exiles from a company convicted for not complying with the law.…


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Tressel did conspire to hide NCAA violations (he and his players knew about them prior to the sugar bowl)

So not every idea about conspiracy is a crazy conspiracy theory...

I have no idea what degree of objectivity to expect from this compliance review....However, I do think there is reason to question the firm chosen.  Note that 3 of the 5 leaders of OSU's compliance firm were actually PARTNERS in AA, the firm convicted in the Enron affair.

.. at the very least, it gives the appearance of impropriety or bad judgment. 



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Paranoi is characterized by inferences drawn from deficient sources of information.  So, is the idea that OSU would hire a compliant compliance firm unsupported?

You could argue that Arthur Anderson (AA) was a huge firm with multiple offices. 

1. 3 of the 5 leaders of the OSU's compliance firm were not just one of thousands of uninformed employees of AA.  They were actually part of a select, small group of partners.

2. While AA was a firm with many branches, so was Enron---and Enron was one of AAs largest clients.  Many branches in many cities were involved..

3. The problems with AA did not begin and end with Enron.  AA had a long history of accusations and was overwhelmed with lawsuits, some related to concealing information (which was the ultimate reason for Enron's downfall).

So, for OSU to choose a firm with such close ties to AA does at the very least give the appearance of impropriety or poor judgment.

I suppose you could have argued, before recent events that it was paranoid to suspect OSU of NCAAA violations--for example with Sarniak.  Even though he was accused of bribing police, he was not convicted.  Then we discovered that Pryor cheated, Tressel lied, Tressel sent 77 email and texts, with phone calls over 4 1/2 hours, to him, and OSU was sued because they refused to release these and other emails.  Then, we found that Sarniak was continuing to payt Pryor at OSU, thus violating NCAA rules.

At what point then, did it become rational to suspect NCAA violations related to Sarniak?

Is it plausible that others at OSU in the adminstration knew what was going on--or is that a paranoid fantasy?

You know, there is a condition which is the opposite of paranoia and is every bit as disabling---it occurs in patients with certain types of brain damage--they're terminally gullible and can't recognize cheaters, which utimately ruins their lives.

IMO, it's important to strike a balance between being overly paranoid or gullible.   So, when people use the former term, it's important to recognize the latter flaw as well.



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so my ohio tax dollars are paying tsio to employ 3 former partners at arthur anderson to help ohio perpetrate this mockery that allowed tp to moonwalk over us for 3 years while RR's spread n shred trotted out 3 consectutive frosh starters?...i need names