More Optimism from Sam Webb

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On this morning's Recruiting Roundup Sam seemed to double down on his previous indication that "a couple" of good things would happen for us in June.  Today he responded to a questioner who felt that we have been missing out on too many of the very top prospects; ie, Isaac, Levenberry, Garnett, etc..  Sam's answer was that we already have many top guys in this class and he also hinted very broadly that we can expect some top names to commit to the Maize & Blue in the very near future.  No gut feelings and no names mentioned, but a very confident statement.  Let the speculation begin.  LaQuon and Poggi are the two obvious big names out there, and though Hurst is not a big name (yet) I think he would be a fantastic addition to the class.  Get those three on board and we are playing with house money.



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But 50/50 means you lose roughly as many as you win. Guys like Deveon Smith were also 50/50 and went our way. I also think that of the guys you listed, they were really less than 50/50 with the exception of Isaac. Reeves went with his friend and teammate, Garnett stayed on the West Coast and Levenberry stayed in the South. We had very good shots at those guys, but I don't know if it was even.


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FWIW, here are the rankings from the 4 main services for LT and Hurst......


Rivals: #5 WR, #31 overall

ESPN: #5 WR, #47 overall

247: #7 WR, #84 overall

Scout: #10 WR, #75 overall

So basically LT is a unanimous top 10 WR and top 84 overall to EVERY service.  If that is not elite, i don't know what it.



247: 4*, #19 DT

Scout: 4*, #23 DT, #213 overall 

Rivals: 3*, #24 DT

ESPN: 3*, #34 DT

So basically high 3* on 2 services, low 4* on the other 2 services.



turd ferguson

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My completely uninformed guess is Malik McDowell (to go with Maurice Hurst).  If I remember correctly, McDowell was favoring Michigan and his parents wanted him to wait until after his sophomore year to commit.  I'd imagine that the school year ends pretty soon.

EDIT:  Okay, having read tonight's ESPN chat, I take that back.  Nothing was guaranteed (or said very explicitly), but reading between the lines, my money's on Hurst and Treadwell.