More Optimism from Sam Webb

Submitted by jbibiza on May 24th, 2012 at 8:15 AM

On this morning's Recruiting Roundup Sam seemed to double down on his previous indication that "a couple" of good things would happen for us in June.  Today he responded to a questioner who felt that we have been missing out on too many of the very top prospects; ie, Isaac, Levenberry, Garnett, etc..  Sam's answer was that we already have many top guys in this class and he also hinted very broadly that we can expect some top names to commit to the Maize & Blue in the very near future.  No gut feelings and no names mentioned, but a very confident statement.  Let the speculation begin.  LaQuon and Poggi are the two obvious big names out there, and though Hurst is not a big name (yet) I think he would be a fantastic addition to the class.  Get those three on board and we are playing with house money.



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It's so tough to really gauge where some of these kids will wind up at. One day they are a heavy lean one way then a visit or two later to a few other schools they sometimes are suddenly split between two schools or have a new favorite. I don't really blame them for that reason because I know that when I was 17 and 18 it would have been pretty tough for me to pick considering I'm sure visits to D1 football programs are usually pretty sweet. I tend to take what any of these recruiting experts say with a grain of salt because these are kids we are talking about and things can change and until that letter is signed nothing is guaranteed.


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Is it wrong to say I'd just be happy if all of our current commits sign on NSD? This is already an unbelievable class, and of course it would be awesome to haul in a few more outstanding players in a few spots (like WR), but I feel like it's ALL gravy at this point.

Mr. Rager

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ALL gravy?  No.  We need another DL.  We are losing two at minimum (Roh, BWC).  We have signed one (TACO).  We need another.

A stud WR wouldn't hurt, either (Treadwell please choose us).  

Otherwise, I agree with you.  


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But wouldn't it be nice to develop the same depth of talent on the DL that we're getting on the OL (6 freshman, 5 commits)?  

I agree though that we're not in panic mode at DL... particularly given the number of D-lineman that have Michigan in their top schools list... Hurst, Poggi(?), Teller, Qualls, Mathis, maybe others... 


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This whole argument started by you disagreeing with someone's opinion.  A poster above said they'd be happy with just the guys who have committed already because they're so good, and you started arguing with him about it. 

If you don't feel that way, that's your choice.  But telling someone their opinion is wrong is a little too rage-y, Mr. Rager.


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I have some experience in pants shitting mode. Although, the last time I was in the aforementioned mode was when I was three, I'm fairly certain it was comfortable and 100% certain it was pleasing. I cannot say that I am immune from attacks of pants shitting mode today, but it would probably be a result of either a mauling by a grizzly bear, or an alien attack.


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... is a 4-star to Scout (23rd DT in the country), so this would qualify in Sam's eyes as a big commit.  My money is on Treadwell and Hurst.  Adding to 2 positions of need, allowing us to focus on a few remaining key prospects like Poggi.  


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Here's how I'd love to see the class finish up, ranked in order of importance. 

1. Treadwell

2. Poggi

3. Hurst

We still need a stud WR, and some quality DTs. Hust seems like a lock, I feel really good about Treadwell, we still need another stud DT like Poggi (or Pagano, Vanderdoes or Teller). If we can fill those needs, it's really then best available. I'd say we have a 50.50 chance of landing one of Cravens, McQuay, Fuller, Mathis, or Green, but I won't be distraught if we end up being #2 for all of those guys if we can land the three guys above. 


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Sounds like realistic expectations might be around this range:


4 - 6 Available Open (Priority to me would be 1-2 WR, 2DT and make room for a Cravens type)

1. Hurst - 80%

2. Treadwell - 65% (I would assume he might be a best available slot as well

3. Poggi - 50/50

4. Harris, Cunningham, name your pick WR - 30% (Unless a visit occurs before LT decision)

5. Fuller/Bain- 20%

6.  Cravens/Mathis - 5%




May 24th, 2012 at 12:09 PM ^

I probably would make Cravens and Mathis's odds about 20% as well.  Mathis seems to really like the midwest schools, and I think there is a very solid chance he ends up in the Big Ten.  As for Cravens, I don't think he'd spend his own money to make the trip to Michigan and Ohio if there wasn't at least a legitimate shot of him going to a Big Ten team, and I think if he decided to go to a school not in California, he will commit to Michigan.

Also don't leave out McQuay, I think we haev a solid shot with him as well.