More Ohio Shenanigans?

Submitted by dayooper63 on July 15th, 2011 at 9:21 PM

Wow, how about finding loopholes for your players.  Using a fund to help distressed students (those that need to get home in an emergency or medical issues) to pay for auto repairs for an athlete.  Guess where the repairs took place: Auto Direct.  Yes, the same place every Bucknut and his mother bought a car from. 


10 Investagates


Here is the description of the fund



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What's the name of that place you like with all the goofy shit on the walls and the mozzerella sticks?

Yup... OSU is due for a pistol-whipping


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Ohio fans comments are beyond spectacular.

My personal favorites:



Columbus, OH


Way to go channel 10 lets find some more things wrong freakin idoits.



Columbus, Ohio

Mr. Paul Akers dont you go snooping around no more now. DOnt you know this is Buckeye land, and cheating is plenty OK as long as we win.



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Of course it would be an emergency.....pryor needed the car to make contact with his fence...errr tattoo artist, to unload, sell, barter, his memorabilia and gear., for cash and tattoos.

Blue Ninja

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I do believe that this could be the item that puts the LOIC nail in the coffin. That or whatever the ESPN lawsuit uncovers. Love how when one OSU story comes out a deluge follows shortly thereafter.


Rats, out of popcorn.


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If this isn't LOIC I can't imagine how corrupt a school must be to get that tag. Especially because everything that comes out just seems like a small portion of what is really there. Sadly we will probably never know all that happened and who knew about it. And they will not be punished as severely as they deserve.


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And here I thought I would go two weeks without Ohio State being guilty of another "Major" violation.

I am setting up camp outside the NCAA compliance office and beginning a chant of "Don't puss out! Don't puss out!"

Actually I thought I saw this yesterdary but it turned out to be people in line to watch Harry Potter.


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It seems as though every media outlet in the country can dig up a little dirt on Ohio State and yet their compliance department remains oblivious. The buckeyes have been taking one dong punch after another for months now.
<br>And my wife wonders why I stare at my iPhone and cackle with delight.

I Heart Huckleby

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We keep howling for LOIC, but  maybe OSU just has a backwards definition of what constitutes "institutional control." Sounds like they've had a pretty airtight grip on things for a while.


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For as shady as that looks, I doubt the compliance officer would be involved in it if he didn't know it was a loophole.


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The best thing about this is that the Columbus media are actually going out of their way to dig up more dirt.  I have been hoping for this forever, but especially since the Freep jihad.  It looks like they are finding a lot more than 15 minutes of stretching in Columbus, too.  

The $600 might not sound like much, but if the compliance officer signed off on it, there would be documented involvement of the staff in giving illegal benefits.  

Besides, it's not like Pryor couldn't have gotten a "loaner" to take home.

Blue Balls

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and JT is how they pissed in the face of the NCAA and these players still managed to play in a bowl game.  They made the NCAA look as dirty as OSU.  Gene Smith must be a man of high morals and character because the NCAA choose  him to head up the selection committee for the Men's NCAA National Basketball Championship. IMO, OSU is a joke and the NCAA sits right beside them.   The problem  isn't always the kid (OSU) sometimes it's their parents(NCAA).  So while most college fans get hung up on what this team(kid) or that team(kid) is getting away with, maybe-just maybe , it's time to look at  the authority figures as the problem. 


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This connects the final dot to Gene Smith's door. Because, there is no chance Auto Direct is coincidentally the beneficiary of all the largess. The dots spell LOIC, and lets me know Gene Smith not only was a serial endorser of Tressel's previous "unacceptable" violations, but an inventor of new transgressions in a sort of who can out-do whom endeavor. No doubt the previous A.D. felt the pressure exerted by the popularity of "Notorious J" (Tressel), and decided he had enough. So, in comes "Biggy GS" too smart by half.

There would be universal outrage about all the circumstantial evidence at this point; except for the types who believe the Mafia does a lot of good works and desevres at least some support from Ohio High School Coaches whose "Athletics" programs may have benefitted significantly from donations, recruits, or bowl appearances.

If this were all nothing but perfume, one would buy one bottle, then dilute it for the rest of your life. You can't get rid of the smell, and the scent grows stronger the more you leave it on without washing it off thoroughly.

On second thought, my apologies to the Mafia; the Mafia does not nor has it ever purported to be "Molders of Men".


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If this happened in April, the NCAA should see this as an absolute spit in the face, an "I dare you to punish us for this", if you will. This snowball was in full "roll" effect and the investigation well underway when they were still giving TP money. I hope the NCAA takes this into consideration next month.