More Ohio schadenfreude courtesy of T. Smith and Clarett

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Omaha World Herald story here.

More anger from the ex-Buckeye camp.  This from Troy Smith on his suspension is interesting.


"To tell you the truth, it had nothing to do with a $500 thing between myself and a booster," Smith said. "I took the rap for a lot of people so a lot of people wouldn't get in trouble. But that story can't be told unless I want to get back at a lot of people. I'm not that type of guy. Never will."


Who was he taking the rap for back then?  More importantly, does the NCAA read the Omaha World Herald?



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They don't really talk details but there are a lot of good quotes in this article.  Mr. Shatel probably couldn't believe what he was hearing. 


"It's growing,'' Clarett said. "Because of the Internet. On the Internet, you can talk to anybody or find out anything. And guys (athletes) talk and they all know what they're worth and what's going on. They have some value if they have some ability. They think there's nothing wrong with getting compensated for your ability."


It's all because of the internets.


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this is so irritating. "yeah we do illegal shit all the fuckin' time y0! wont turn my back and rat out my br0s tho unless they turn on me. sacredsuckmydickbrother hood" and the NCAA wont do shit. bravo.


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Oh what it must be like to have an Ohio State education...

Clarett said he has a $1,000 bet with Nighthawks quarterback Eric Crouch, the 2001 Heisman winner from NU, on the game. Straight up.  "I'm not going to need any points,'' Clarett said. 


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Someone with paypal skills should start a Beveled Guilt donation fund so we can find an ex-Ohio player who needs cash, played under Tressel and will TALK for the money.


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Does the NCAA have any power to get former "student athletes" to talk?  It sounds like these guys are still loyal to JT so maybe the NCAA could let him back into coaching if these guys talk, and he wants back in the college game.  I would accept JT coming back if it meant the death of Ohio.


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someone's gonna crack. Someone still holding a grudge about lack of PT or bitter about a failed NFL career, etc. And when they do start talking it will be glorious.


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I think its going to be Posey or Harron.  After they take the fall, agree to come back, don't get to play this year and don't get drafted.  That would piss me off enough to talk......

Unfortunately thats what its going to take


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All hail Braxton Miller:



*** Trailing 7-0 each of the first three times they had the ball in the fourth quarter, AT HOME, the buckyes ran 9 total offensive plays for -29 yds and 3 punts. ***

ohio st through 2:00 remaining, Q4:   54 plays, 93 yds, 12 punts, 1 int, downs

Deep Under Cover

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Common man and the Torg were talking about this today on columbus radio.  Troy Smith, Heisman winner for this shitty school, and they suddenly totally disregard his statement.  Same thing that happened with Clarett- he said something that sounds bad so we never liked him to begin with.

This whole meltdown is awesome, but I'll be damned if it isn't frustrating living down here and dealing with it.  Yes, most fans will admit that there is an issue (FINALLY), but they refuse to believe that ALL THE SHIT that went down years before this was anything at all.  I mean, I can see why they might try to ignore Clarett because he was a pariah after his ordeal, but what reason would Troy Smith have to say these things other than he ACTUALLY WAS THE SCAPEGOAT and is feeling for TP and others?

Sorry, I have no one to talk to about this down here, so thanks for listening.