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It has been slow, so I thought I'd share this...

from the Notre Dame board IrishEnvy in their Patrick Kugler thread:

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"Originally Posted by beryirish:

UM commit ...too late Excellent OL class haul by them. That should take them out of the running for anymore OL and ND reaps the benefits."

"Originally Posted by IrishLax

That's 5 OL for them. Looks like they're going to be done with OL recruiting. No way they take 6, right? So now we just have to close hard with McGovern, Pocic, and Bivin. I think we should be able to get at least 2 of those 3."

Unless Hoke played Nintendo Hockey this way:.

ALL FAT GUYS In reality though I have to agree with you guys.. We still have plenty of options and UM should be done at this point. Let's stop, rest and reassess after junior day.…


I remember killing it with all fat guys back in the day. Actually quite a hilarious reference IMO. 



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Pronunciation: /ˈʃɑːd(ə)nˌfrɔɪdə, ˈʃɑːdənˌfrɔydə/


[mass noun]

pleasure derived by someone from another person’s misfortune:

a business that thrives on Schadenfreude

a frisson of Schadenfreude


German Schadenfreude, from Schaden 'harm' + Freude 'joy'

My laughter stemmed directly from their misfortune of not getting Kugler. They expressed their displeasure via the Nintendo Ice Hockey screen shot of all fat guys, implying we get any OL recruit we want, which negatively impacts their class.

That's seems to be an appropriate use of the word. Unless I'm missing something.

Hardware Sushi

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It's not that it isn't, but that it's kind of lame schadenfreude. Typical online schadenfreude includes massive hyperbole, violent outbreaks of dirty and often made-up words, and people promising things they'll never do again.

This example's blandness, while technically schadenfreude, is why it was met with "meh" from the board. ND doesn't seem too upset at their misfortune, and because it's lesser misfortune, the schadenfreude is lesser too.


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I thought the reference was funny.  Like I said, it had been really slow over the weekend and decided to post.  Look at the 8 or so threads preceeding this one... If you think this is 'meh,' Ace posted a similarly not-so-violent and not-so-drastic animated gif of a boat crashing into an iceberg in his Hello post.  


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I always crack up at the two guys behind brian - they be all like my little brother when i was getting absolutely throttled by dad.  when you are merely getting smacked around (verbally of course), little bro laughs and giggles.  when you are really getting the full force of both barrels and dad has gone apreshite, little bro gets very quiet because he eants ta make sure he doesn't draw any attention to himself.  leading to slackjawed empty stares. 

OK carry on.


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Something has been bothering me, and I'm not sure if it deserves it's own thread.

TREMENDOUS tweeted about Leremy Tunsil over the weekend, "If the #2 player in the country OT Laremy Tunsil wants to take an official to Michigan, do you deny him?"

Considering the stance that Hoke has taken on committed players taking visits, and also considering that Hoke supposedly told each player they were taking 5 OL in this class, wouldn't this seem hypocritical?

I guess my question is, shouldn't the coaching staff be holding up the same end of the deal that they expect the players to?  (does this deserve it's own thread?)


Mitch Cumstein

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I know everyone likes to say "#2 player ZOMG, we could be so good".  Look at the haul we have with the OL.  We have a great OL class coming in, and another on the way.  The reason we have these classes is b/c of Hoke's ability to connect with these kids.  His honesty and his transparency have been constantly brought up for what sets him apart.  If he told them hes only taking 5, he should stick by his word.  That is way more important going forward than any 1 recruit.


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I think it's all about communication with the current commits.  It wouldn't be hypocritical if the coaches continue their trend of "being real" and "talking straight" with the commits and the recruits.  Most of the OL commits seem mature enough to be able to handle a conversation with Hoke like, "We're thinking of taking a 6th OL player to make our class and team even better, but I wanted to touch base with you and talk about how this might impact your commitment with us since we were originally planning on only taking 5."

And yes, I think this would be worth its own thread... this discussion has popped up in multiple other unrelated threads, so why not give it a thread of its own.  


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(phork, I'm still watching you)

There is a 9 page thread discussing which verbals they will flip from Michigan to ND.  They are certain they will get at least one with some saying up to 3 will flip to the Irish after they beat us and go to a BCS bowl while we do not.  Pretty evenly split on "Returning to Glory" if they beat us this year or "Sinking to Bolivian" if they lose.  But almost none of them think that is even a possibility.  #domerdelusion


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Dood we can't slip any further.  I am one of the few that bring a dose of reality there because I call it as I see it.  I am apparently a negative nancy.  However to not be concerned about the how well you guys are killing it in recruiting so far is madness.  All these other idiots are saying "Wait until our Jr. day" and other such stuff.  Yah we'll get our guys for sure, and OL is not a need right now, but keeping the stalls filled with horses will only be beneficial in the long run.

Trust me, if you read my stuff on there you'll find I am one of the more level headed realists around.

turd ferguson

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Dammit, I miss Nintendo Ice Hockey.  Until a few years ago, I assumed that being an NHL general manager just meant deciding how many fat guys, skinny guys, and medium-sized guys you needed.