More than just sports fans hate Drew Sharp

Submitted by rbgoblue on February 4th, 2010 at 10:16 PM

Apparently all journalists have lost respect for him as well.…

Summarized: Sharp didn't do his own research, but instead, quoted Rush Limbaugh from Wikipedia, saying that "slavery had its merits." (Who doesn't know that you cant use Wikipedia as a source?) Personal feelings for Limbaugh aside, isn't this just the type of piece Sharp would write?

Sharp Rule of Writing #1: If you can't make someone look bad, dont write it.

Well, the quote was wrong (Wikipedia, obviously), and Sharp had egg on his face. The journalism community was clearly not impressed. Read the article above. This lady really gives it to him.

I'm glad to see that Drew (as Brian said on WTKA this morning) is not just out to upset sports fans. He is really out there to destroy credibility among all people in all walks of life. Drew Sharp is an Asshat!