More than just sports fans hate Drew Sharp

Submitted by rbgoblue on February 4th, 2010 at 10:16 PM

Apparently all journalists have lost respect for him as well.…

Summarized: Sharp didn't do his own research, but instead, quoted Rush Limbaugh from Wikipedia, saying that "slavery had its merits." (Who doesn't know that you cant use Wikipedia as a source?) Personal feelings for Limbaugh aside, isn't this just the type of piece Sharp would write?

Sharp Rule of Writing #1: If you can't make someone look bad, dont write it.

Well, the quote was wrong (Wikipedia, obviously), and Sharp had egg on his face. The journalism community was clearly not impressed. Read the article above. This lady really gives it to him.

I'm glad to see that Drew (as Brian said on WTKA this morning) is not just out to upset sports fans. He is really out there to destroy credibility among all people in all walks of life. Drew Sharp is an Asshat!



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Drew Dull criticizes us for "running to" our "little blogs" for our information becasue he says the info isn't reliable, but he uses Wikipedia as a source for a "newspaper story" without fact-checking.

I guess we can add "hypocrite" to the litany of appropriate descriptions for Dull.


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Most people outside Southeast Michigan don't know who Debbie Schlussel is (thank God), but she is not someone I want on my side on anything.

I've met her. I've spoken with her. She is an unabashed racist, especially towards Arab Americans. And while I agree with her about Drew Sharp's general head-up-assness, the woman needs to receive as little coverage as possible.


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I've got no love for Sharp, but if you'll read Schussel's bio on her site, you'd see that apparently Debbie is the only one keeping America safe from the terrorists. Methinks she might exaggerate from time to time.


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Favorite line from the article:

"This isn’t the first time the liberal Detroit Free Press reporters have fabricated things. But it might be one of the first times they don’t get away with it."

Not for the liberal comment, just the fabricating. Nothing political there.


February 4th, 2010 at 11:55 PM ^

First times they don't get away with it? Did they ever prove that it was actually a quote from Wikipedia instead of, you know, taking that suggestion straight from the mouth of the guy who doesn't want to appear to be racist?


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When it comes to journalism, science, and law, positive claims are only true if they can be proven to be - otherwise, the negative claim is assumed to be true. This is why God is assumed not to exist (at least for the purposes of scientific inquiry), defendants are assumed innocent until proof of guilt is given, and it is assumed that there is no invisible unicorn hiding in my garage.

In the case of this quote, believe me - if there was a credible source or recording it'd have been found by now. There is no evidence he actually said it - so even if he actually did, the papers and Sharp were wrong to print it. He's innocent until proven guilty just like the rest of us, and without any evidence his denial is infinitely stronger than a piece of Wikipedia vandalism.


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Freep Sunday Exclusive: Is Drew Sharp a closet racist? Does he have some sort of vendetta against successful black athletes? Is he upset because he never was able to live a thug'z life? What has brought him to this lowly state?

After listening to his display on the radio show this morning I have to think he has some serious problems with either the actual athletes or where they come from. He probably never met the kid before and he bashes him because he admitted to some burglaries when he was 16 and has gold teeth and enjoys rap music.... How does this guy still have a job?


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Larry criticizing Curly for criticizing Moe.

All of these people are—in their own individual ways—an embarrassment to journalism.


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With all of the competent, talented, diligent people out there these days looking for work, how does someone like Sharp remain employed? When the freep goes down we won't have to worry about him any further.


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To the OP: I'm not going to get too political, but the link about Drew Sharp is just as bad as anything Sharp would write. First off, it's not hard to find actual sound bytes or transcripts showing Limbaugh hanging himself. Secondly, I think it's painfully ironic and hilarious that Drew Sharp was too lazy to put in the time to find actual non-wiki evidence. That's all I'm going to say, and let the Sharp flogging continue.