More Fired Coaches = Safer RichRod

Submitted by Haxel Rose on December 8th, 2010 at 5:02 PM

It seems pretty clear that our coach next year is going to be Rich Rod or Harbaugh. Dave Brandon (hopefully) isn't foolish enough to fire RR without previously securing the talents of Harbaugh. Right now Harbaugh seems to be a name thrown around for every coaching position, both College and NFL. 

This leads me to think that, given the growing list of organizations with current or impending coaching vacancies (Cowboys, Broncos, Vikings, Pitt, Miami, Florida), there are going to be a lot of offers made to Harbaugh, making it less likely DB can lure him over to Michigan.

So for those Rich Rod's looking pretty good.



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Don't push yourself too much, man. If you think your index finger is cramping now, just wait until everyone is on holiday break with nothing else to do but post threads. Or watching bowl games. Or good god, the time period between our bowl game and Brandon's evaluation being announced.

You don't want to tempt the Angry Michigan Negbanger Hating God into smiting your index finger and putting you out for the most important part of the forum season.

Take a break and let some other people handle negbanging the rabble


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No doubt this is true.  Michigan does not want to pick last after Miami, Florida, Pitt.  There is always the possibility that Brandon has some type of sub rosa agreement with Jim Harbaugh, however. 

What bugs me about this situation is that Michigan should be CLEANING UP in recruiting with Miami/Florida turmoil, and we are not in a position to do so. 

(Another tantalizing possibility is that Mullen gets tapped to coach at Florida, and abandons Miss. State for the bowl game.)


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I can understand the being mad about multiple threads, but for those who aren't on 24/7, they aren't privy to the fact that someone mentioned this inbetween the 100's of "this is so tiredsome having to comment on the fac that this is a repeat thread" comment in one of the other threads.

For whatever reason, people are really in a bad mood here lately. Hopefully its just the holidays or finals that is getting to everyone. 

I honestly believe the best thing to do in a repeat thread is neg it, if it is obvious, and ignore it.  I think the fact that all the repeat threads are getting 100's of replies legitimizes them.

I found it weird that repeat derp threads about coaching changes were getting tons of responses, yet the same people complaining about threads didn't bother commenting on some of the Big Chill threads or the Red Berenson B-day threads.  Oh well, to each his own.

Chippewa Blue

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The more threads about the CC(what CC?) the more likely the craziest theory is right. Dave Brandon obviously is reading all of these and will make his decesion based on them. He is also a smart business man and wants to put on a show and make a scene. So the more craziness we come up with the more he will have to do to top it.



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Can I post my Billy Madison quote again?

F it.

Sir what you have just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard.  At no point in your rambling incoherent speech was there anything close to being considered a rational thought.Everyone on this blog is now dumber for having read it.  I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul.


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It doesn't matter who offers JH what. If DB feels that Michigan wants/needs him he will become the coach. No team, especially not Florida or Miami will change that matter


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On one hand, I could see how firings/resignations create more market competition for coaches making Rich Rod's firing less likely. The schools open range from decent (Pitt) to great (Florida). On the other hand, when you have a great school dissolve its current dynasty, the successful parts can become coaching candidates, too. For example, you could get Heater, with all his success and Michigan ties, as a Harbaugh emergency backup, &c.


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I agree with the this board post but for a different reason.  DB is a high integrity person and under no circumstances would he leave Rich Rod out to hang with all these potential jobs out there.  This leads me to believe that he is coming back.


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Yeah, there's no way this is true.

Harbaugh will not take another college job unless it's Michigan.  If he wanted an NFL job, there were going to be some available and he's the hottest commodity at this point.  I don't see this having any affect at all on our coaching situation.


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the waiting is killin recruiting and not to mention the hearts of Mich fans, I gotta give it to DB... the man's got balls... cause I can see the method in this maddness, 1st it serves the perpous that it lets RR know and understand that this perhaps is his last chance.. its the fear that puts fire under your ass to get it right or next year your gone!!! 2ndly the time line allows DB to feel out the land for the best fit...he has to find someone that wont hinder this team but enhance it( Dont muck wit the Off) but wake up the Def...the only ace for RR is Offensively it gonna be hard to find someone personelly i hope hes bad wit new Def personnel, MUCK HARBAUGH