More extensive video from opening spring practices (

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have not watched it yet and have nothing informed or interesting to add. 

Go Blue!

EDITED to add: for those that don't want to sift through responses below; much of the same highlights from the weekend video with some player interviews and an interview with Coach Hoke.



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As Clark Griswald would describe me, "his heart is bigger than his brain...", saw that Karsch was hosting at the top and assumed it was new video, which a small portion is.  Just know how amped I get when someone posts anything football related we can watch and just wanted to get it up here as quickly as possible. 



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You really can't (and shouldn't) read too much into the player comments...but was interesting to hear the focus on "intensity" and the players being excited for practice "which is a first."

Eh, what else are they supposed to say...



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I believe those away jerseys are the adidas tech-fit jerseys.. they're using them for practice only. The players don't like them. 


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Pause the video at 7 seconds when Doug was amping himself up with happiness before he starts talking. He looks like he's taking a big duke in the middle of the fieldhouse.


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Anyone else impressed by Coach Hoke's demonstration of technique at 3:08?  I can see why a lot of people enjoy working with him.  He's clearly a gifted teacher of the game.