September 3rd, 2012 at 10:03 AM ^

He should know about that.  How many carries did he get against Boise?  Probably fewer than Denard had touchdown passes.  Surprised he was able to put down Bell's jockstrap long enough to hit the Twitter.


September 3rd, 2012 at 10:03 AM ^

This is something Hoke would never allow.  Not that we need any bulletin board material, this is good for us.  Granted, we need to answer that call on the field.


angry byrne

September 3rd, 2012 at 10:15 AM ^

I was going to write something extremely snarky about their intelligence, but geez... would you look at those stats?  If someone on MSU thinks Michigan's O looked bad, they had -48 yards of rushing offense, and UM outgained them by over 100 total yards.  Yeah, it must be that UM is the only team that can't move the ball against Bama.

And this doesn't even take into account the fact that they gave up 115 more yards and 8 more points, all while scoring 7 fewer.

Shit.... I've fallen into their trap and given time to this pissing match.  Damn.


September 3rd, 2012 at 10:48 AM ^

Maxwell vs. a decimated Boise St. defense: 22/38, 248 yards, 0 TD, 3 INT

Denard vs. Ala-fucking-bama: 11/26, 200 yards, 1 TD, 2 INT

At best a push in terms of numbers against massively better talent... they should worry about their own QB before they start worrying about ours.

But this shouldn't be a shocker, this is the same team that stands over Boise St. players after every tackle (why would they have a chip on their shoulder against those guys?) and can't go two plays without getting a personal foul called on them.  But personally I think we should try and do a little better job of ignoring it rather than highlighting it here all the time... just my 2 cents


September 3rd, 2012 at 10:20 AM ^

at what happened on Saturday night, but in private.  I agree, it's just "boys being boys" to some degree, but they are still role models behaving poorly in public.  I'm not going to lose any sleep over it, but I'd be pretty embarrassed if Michigan players did that.  If they do that later this year, don't worry, I will be the first guy to say it's classless. 


September 3rd, 2012 at 10:25 AM ^

Don't blame Dantonio. His players are idiots, not him. And yes technically, we scored MORE than they did against Alabama and held them to less. And yes, their QB had more INTs then ours.


September 3rd, 2012 at 10:27 AM ^

muttering those infamous words about "Little Brother", I can't wait to see all the "little brother" references after we cave their face in this year. OSU got a taste, now it's Sparty's turn. I think it best to just embrace the mantra now. Clearly, they can't exist without comparisons to us to define themselves.

Mulletman Dave

September 3rd, 2012 at 10:34 AM ^

Most classless (and lame) of all were the tweets made by former MSU Bball player Delvan Roe. Don't quit your day job, Seinfeld:

"If you can't play football go to MICHIGAN. If u can't throw a football go to MICHIGAN. If Walmart is your favorite store go to MICHIGAN lol
1 Sep"

Denard Robinson still is the most exciting player in college football. You never know which team will catch the ball lol #ROLLTIDE
1 Sep

Brady Hoke was asked y doesn't he have a headset or do anything on the sideline?"Denard Robinson is r quarterback there's NOTHING we can do"

Michigan is getting Raped right now. I bet Jerry Sandusky is proud lol #ROLLTIDE


September 3rd, 2012 at 10:31 AM ^

Oh for fucks sake could we possibly get any more butt-hurt?  Now big mean old Sparty is saying not nice things about us?  On Twitter?  THE HORROR!

Jesus people grown a pair and deal with it.  We got curb-stomped by a VASTLY superior team on Saturday and yeah, players from schools that don't like us enjoyed it.  What a shock. I swear to freaking God that the last 24 hours of postings has been one butt-hurt whiney bitch after another.  Bama cheats....waa waa.  Bama doenst make their kids to class....waa waa.  Sparty is saying mean things.....waa waa.

I absolutely loved the comment made earlier today (sorry don't remember who said it)

"You want to win the MNC?  You just found out how far you have to go."


September 3rd, 2012 at 10:57 AM ^

Seriously. There's always talk on here about how "MSU is irrelevant, nobody cares about them, MSwho?", yet we probably talk more about MSU than anybody else. We get more MSU commit posts, more useless articles about them, and so on. People on here are obsessed with Dantonio and MSU

Also, here's the comment about "how far we have to go",

Perkis-Size Me

September 3rd, 2012 at 10:32 AM ^

Laugh it up MSU. Your starting qb threw 3 picks against a Boise State practice squad. You also seem to forget that you got your asses handed to you by the same Alabama team 2 years ago.

Those guys have such an inferiority complex.


September 3rd, 2012 at 11:02 AM ^

Bama is just reloading. But when it happens at Boise, that means Boise is now fielding a practice squad. Might it be that the dropoff even at Boise is not that great?

MSU 1-0, with a win against a ranked team.

U-M 0-1, with an ugly loss during prime time.

And, yes, we MSU fans remember getting totally dominated by Alabama two seasons ago. That team was probably even better than this one. the B1G is not ready to compete with the best two SEC teams yet. U-M decided it was. MSU did not choose to play Alabama.

If you watched the BSU-MSU game objectively you saw that Maxwell has promise. He needs some receivers to hold onto the ball. Four turnovers and MSU still beat a ranked team. Who cares about style points?


September 3rd, 2012 at 11:20 AM ^

Maybe Alabama is reloading because they are boatloads of four and five star recruits?

2009 classes:
Alabama #1 (4 five star, 14 four star, 9 three star)
Boise State #72 (11 three star, 10 two star or lower)

2010 classes:
Alabama #5 (1 five star, 15 four star, 9 three star, one two star)
Boise State  #82 (1 four star, 6 three star, three two star)

2011 classes:
Alabama #1 (3 five star, 14 four star, 5 three star)
Boise State #53 (11 three star, 8 two star or lower)

2012 classes:
Alabama #1 (3 five star, 14 four star, 9 three star)
Boise State #54 (13 three star, 9 two star or lower)

So let's recap Alabama has had the #1 recruiting class in the nation three of the past four years and their "down year" was still a top five class. Boise State has never cracked the top 50 and has only one four star player over four years. That's why Alabama is "reloading" and Boise State's roster is decimated.


September 3rd, 2012 at 11:21 AM ^

You cannot seriously compare the two games. Maxwell has promise? Really? So does every qb who started a game this weekend. Sparty beat a ranked team? You were supposted to win, you were the favorite playing at home. MSU didn't choose to play Alabama? Oh, ok so that makes getting curb stomped ok because you didn't choose to be in a bowl game with a far superior opponent. Give me a break so if sparty ever makes a bcs game and they get killed it wont be their fault because they didn't choose to play in that game.


September 3rd, 2012 at 3:27 PM ^

I'm not comparing Bama to BSU. But Bama has been outrecruiting BSU by large measure for several years. (Just as U-M has been outrecruiting MSU.) Yet BSU has managed to beat a number of highly ranked teams over that period. MSU stopped their streak. That's what we know.

Yes, MSU was favored by 7 or so. And won by four. And took a knee twice with a minute left on BSU's five yard line. And MSU lost the turnover battle 4-2.

Did you see the game? MSU controlled it for large chunks of time. Maxwell was in his first game as a starter. The receivers have little experience. Hate to say this, but they will likely be much better on 10/20. Maxwell will get the game he needs to get comfortable next week. If MSU then gets by ND, that leaves Eastern as another confidence builder.

And our defense isn't going anywhere.


September 3rd, 2012 at 6:34 PM ^

MSU scored 17 points against a defense that returned two starters.  MSU won by being bigger and stronger than BSU, but that advantage is not going to carry into B1G conference play.  There were a ton of chances to nail Bell for big losses, but BSU's defense missed a ton of tackles.  BSU's offense did nothing but give the ball back to MSU over and over again, and MSU scored a whopping total of 17 points.  Michigan scored 14 against one of the top teams in the nation with future NFL stars all over it.  It is way premature for MSU to be doing too much chirping, because if they played Bama the way that they played BSU they would have been shut out.

Also, as far as the MSU defense goes, there were a lot of plays to be made against them, and Southwick just didn't have the comfort level in the offense to capitalize.  BSU has won in the past by out-executing more athletic and more talented teams.  They simply couldn't maintain that level of execution with only a couple of returning starters on both sides of the ball.  It remains to be seen as to whether or not MSU's defense can maintain what they had last year.  They will still probably be good, but they may drop off a bit against real competition.

Finally, the OP shouldn't hold his breath waiting for MSU to learn how to win with class.  Class has never been their thing and probably never will be.  Dantonio is a bitter and angry guy and doesn't care how his team looks to the rest of the world as long as they win.  And just like you don't see really wealthy people always talking about their money, the most talented teams don't need to talk about how good they are.  MSU can't "act like they've been there" because most of these kids weren't alive the last time that MSU was an elite team.