More Cowherd dumbassery

Submitted by lbpeley on June 21st, 2012 at 10:18 AM
He's discussing how much of a crap show the new 4 team playoff will be. His reasons are Cowherdianly stupid, of course. His beef is that the more people you invite the more people will feel left out. I think he's missing the point. I love the idea of more than two teams vying for the championship. I'd like to see an 8 team playoff. I'm of the opinion that this 4 team idea isn't to include more teams that may have felt left out otherwise, but to have more than 2 teams - usually 1 of which can be strongly argued is no more deserving than several other teams - playing for the NC. I realize in the long run it's all about $$ but at least this way it seems we all get a little more for our dollar.



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I totally agree with CC. I can foresee a lot more bitching come next December. At the same time this is a step in the right direction


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I agree with Colin about the fact that more teams will feel like they deserve a shot.  It's hard to argue saying someone could've been better than LSU or Bama last year, whether or not they deserved a shot...but it would be a much easier debate to say well..we beat Stanford or Wisky...or Oregon so WE should have gotten that 4th spot.


I wanna see how they break the money down for this though...


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Well, regardless of what you think of Cowherd, he is not the only one the feels this way. And honestly, there is a lot of truth to that statement. Doesn't mean I have to agree with his disliking of the whole "4 team playoff" concept.

If you hate the guy that much, I'd just suggest you stop listening to his show. Just a friendly suggestion.


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It's better than 6 one-loss teams vying for 2 spots. I can't think of a single year where I thought that the number 5 team in the country had a solid claim that they could potentially be the best team in the country. You can't have 3 teams, because that would unfairly favor the #1 team, especially if they have roughly the same resumes. With 4 teams, you are still going to have teams bitching about not getting in, but at least you can laugh at their claim that the #5 team in the country should have a shot to win it all.

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A 4 team playoff pushes the complaining down the BCS Standings to teams with less of a valid argument for a title shot. Would I rather have a +2 system, you bet. Now that +1 is on the way , +2 is just a matter of time. Last year a +1 would have caught all the undefeated and one loss teams except for Houston and Boise State. The 3 years prior to that you would need 6-8 playoff spots to cover all the legitimate contenders.


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Cowherd rates at least a 7 on the 1-to-Skip Bayless douchepunditry scale.  In the sum 15 minutes of my life I've listened to him (and I want those 15 minutes back), his usual schtick is taking some factually obvious truism - like LeBron is a good basketball player - and selling it as ostensibly contrarian insight.  He then beats it into the ground for two hours.

(Also, stealing from the M-Zone, yo.)



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how many more teams will now bitch. 4 is better than 2. 8 is even better than 4. There's always going to be teams pitching, I like the idea that more teams are involved and actually have to play other top teams to win the NC.

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I stopped listening to Cowherd entirely when he went on a rant against tattoos.


His logic was this: tattoo removal business is booming, therefor all tattoos are a terrible idea. Then he said he will never hire someone with a tattoo... which is just fucking stupid.


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Of course there are plenty of "respectable" people (doctors, lawyers, etc.) that have tattoos, many of which no employer would ever know about.  Unfortunately, even people that don't have a problem with tattoos know that some other people still really dislike tattoos, and will not do business with people that have them, or at least not with people that display them.  There is nothing inherently wrong with a tattoo, even on someplace as obvious as the neck, hands, etc., but by getting one that is so obvious, the tattooed person might be sending the message that they don't care much about how people perceive them.  Depending on the industry in which you work, that can be a good thing or a bad one.



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The nice thing about him is I don't have to form any of my own opinions anymore, I just wait for him to say something and then I take the opposite side.

Seriously, I switched to Dan Patrick about a year ago and now only check Cowherd during Patrick's commercial breaks, and lately, I've even moved Roger Lodge's local sports talk show ahead of Cowherd. Yes, the guy who does all those date shows also has an Anaheim-based talk show where he mainly discusses the Angels.

I heard Cowherd tease the Rosenberg segment by saying he's becoming one of his favorite writers. Figures. Those two deserve each other.

Patrick was interviewing Mitch Williams about the recent pine tar incident, and got Mitch to admit that Roger McDowell was loaded up with vaseline. His regular talks with Mitch are insightful and often hilarious. Mitch is like Kruk when Kruk was underrated as an analyst.


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So what, should we also scrap March Madness in favor of a 1v2 matchup? Yeah more people will complain, but none of them will have very good points. An undefeated Boise State had a good reason to complain about being left out of the 1v2 matchup, as did a one loss Oklahoma State team last year when 1 loss Alabama was chosen. Sure there will be more 10-2 teams that feel left out, but they will have themselves to blame for not winning out, as opposed to the BCS to blame for robbing them.

Every year some mediocre team complains on missing out on the NCAA tournament. They might feel like they got robbed, but in the end they had 10 or so losses and just werent good enough. That makes it a lot easier to stomach than the BCS keeping an undefeated team from getting a fair shot.


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and absolutely pointless. Teams 5-8 have no chance of competing with teams 1-4, the talent difference between the two groups is too great. An 8 team playoff would also destroy the importance of the regular season, which is what makes the college season so great. And is it really in the best interests of the players to play 16 games a season? How do you balance that with each schools' finals schedule? Can you mobilize the fan base to pay for and travel to three different locations, three weeks in a row? You'd have to eliminate the non-conference schedule if you even want to think of an 8 game playoff.


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I don't think a 8 team playoff hurts the regular season.  When 2 teams in the same division can already play for the championship under the current system, even an 8 team team playoff would not ever create a worse scenario than that.

Letting in 8 teams would just ensure that all deserving conference champions will get a shot.  Then by definition, the team that wins the playoff is a deserving champion as they just won 3 tough games and beat out all other teams with any claim to being the best.

What more would you want?  Win the B10 championship and you likely get to play for the national championship.  Sounds good to me.



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I can't recall a year in which more than 4 teams went into bowl season with a reasonable expectation/argument that they deserved a shot at the national championship ring. That will happen very rarely. No system can be perfect. This new one is a vast improvement.


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Last week our local sports show guy - MSU Homer- asked why they were playing Euro 2012 games in New York.  The other guy says something like "I don't think they're playing those games here."  So MSU Homer response goes like "Yes, they are!  Brazil v. Argentina drew something like 81,000 for the game!"  I always regret when I don't hit the buttons fast enough and have to hear those guys for more than 30 seconds or so...


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The thing that makes Cowherd such a popular radio guy is that he riles up the masses. Controversial topics keep him going. He's even said as much. As for the tattoos, i think his point is valid. He said more than a few tattoos makes a job candidate less desirable than one without them. And he specifically pointed to neck tattoos. You have to remember that the older generation still thinks they are for thugs and rockers. Colin talks well of UM and Coach Hoke all the time. Makes him alright in my book.


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I mean if you thought figuring out 2 v 3 was bad wait til 4 v 5. Just cause he stole 1 little bit doesn't mean you have to be a mean, grumpy, old man with a vendetta for the rest of your life hell bent on hating someone.

Grow up. Move on. Join the Herd.


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Just because people complain doesn't mean they have a legit beef. The #6 team in the country might claim that they deserve a shot at a national championship...but they don't. So who cares what they they think or say? Win your games and you won't have to worry about it.


June 21st, 2012 at 8:48 PM ^

there is NO system in any playoff format that can claim without a doubt that the best team won and you know what, thats just fine wit me. Maybe a best of seven....... naw never mind. You may win it but that doesn't mean the best team won period. Although it would be nice to beat all your opponents so you can claim to be the best team, again that would be fine by me. Go Blue and lets start with a win against Alabama and let the debating begin.