More bad press for RR

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Rosenberg was on the Herd this afternoon addressing the West Virginia allegations.  In a nutshell he said this solidifies that RR knew he was breaking the rules.  He also had to point out that RR keeps saying that hopefully all of the drama goes away and that RR has no one to blame but himself for all of the drama.   This kind of shit hurts the program because it’s broadcasted nationally and of course Collin had to sensationalize it and praise Rosenberg for all of his wonderful work.  Can’t someone just make him go away !



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none of what you just wrote matters at all. you really think rosenberg going on the herd hurts Michigan any more than what's already occurred? no. win this season and it all goes away.


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Feldman said what happened at UM and WVU happens all over the country, and a lot of schools go much further.  Then cited a source from another program who had explained to Feldman how they went even further in providing practice instruction via non-coaches.  Same source they also assumed everyone else was doing it.

Feldman thinks this is jaywalking, and after 80 interviews it's not much of a find.


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Do people still listen to sports radio and believe what they hear?

Let my rephrase

Do intelligent, thoughtful people still listen to sports radio and believe what they hear?

Yes, there will be sports fans who listen and believe Rosenberg, but they are likely not fans of UM and have nothing more than a passing knowledge of the team.  Let them be misinformed - what I care about is how the real, true fans of the program feel (and people in power, like Brandon), and the consensus with them seems to be that RR did nothing particularly wrong, and that he is more a victim of some poorly-implement rules and a struggling newspaper looking to remain relevant.


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Rosenpuke is a "one-trick pony" who is milking this to try and get a better job before the freep closes its doors for good.  What he richly deserves is to not find a better position and have to watch RR and MIchigan start winning big.  Then, he'll actually have to learn how to write because nobody will want to read his crap anymore. 

He will become "the puke who cried wolf."


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Why would you want to listen to him?  I mean really . . . I don't get why some people are such gluttons for punishment.  If you read/listen to Rosenberg or his ex-colleagues at the Freep, be prepared to have our program trashed, because that's their agenda.  The Freep doesn't even bother writing editorials defending themselves anymore or claiming objectivity.  They have embraced this stance.


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Well that sucks that he's solid on Rich Rod breaking rules cause Rosenburg is for sure going to be on the NCAA committee...oh wait, he's not? He's the exact same ass hole he's always been?  Hmm...well it's still a shame he's talking about this on a national stage, especially after we avoided ESPN publishing the story...oh wait, that happened, damn! 

What it comes down to is this isn't more bad news, it's the same non-news because there's nothing else to fucking talk about (Hey anyone hear anything about brett favre? Or A-Rod, what's he up to?).  I hate the off season so much...



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...that this "violation" is no big deal. Having said that, I imagine our new AD put things sternly and bluntly to RR at the outset of this mess. Something like, "This WILL NOT happen again. There will be no additional NCAA violations at the University of Michigan during my tenure. Do we understand each other, Rich?" 

Just sayin'...


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The "Haters are going to hate" poster.

I don't fell like scrolling past the last 1/2 dozen Rosenberg is a douche posts to find it.  It always makes me chuckle.

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toward Rich Rodriguez is personal, and originating with Rosenberg.  Sure, Mark Snyder was on the August 30, 2009 byline, but he was the Michigan beat reporter.  Rosenberg was the lead reporter and the effective driver of that story.

While we must never underestimate the lengths to which the Free Press will go, to defend itself, and Rosenberg and Snyder, in order to show that no, it had not published a "wildly exagerated if not flatly incorrect" story a year ago; you can be assured that this is somehow personal with Rosenberg.  It is either a vendetta or opportunism of some kind.

What everyone can be assured of, is that this is all indeed an effort to "get" Rich Rodriguez.  Because if Rosenberg had simply been interested in the complexity of the story he was investigating, he surely would have, at the beginning, interviewed the people in charge (Rodriguez, Barwis, the people in football administration, the people in Compliance Services, the people on the distribution list of the July '09 CARA Audit memo).  But he didn't.  Rosenberg never asked one of them for an interview.  Rosenberg was never interested in the best possible story, with the best and most balanced information.  Rosenberg had a target.  And his weapon to hit that target, were some of the disgruntled ex-players he felt he could talk to and get what he wanted.

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It is hard to imagine, packing that much inane worthless baloney, into 4:30.

The funny thing is that Mike Rosenberg -- Michigan grad and former Daily editor -- is a thousand times smarter than that host (Cowherd?).  Rosenberg is smart, and evil.  Cowherd is dumb, and douchebag.

And of course this is how the rest of the nation gets its information about Michgan football.  From an ESPN radio host regurgitating four or five of the bottom-feeders' standard talking points.

Shalom Lansky

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the obvious negative effects to U of M from Rosenberg joining (perhaps CREATING) the dark side at the Freep , Detroit "lost" one its best sports columnists.  Wojo is the last bastion of of hope.  The question for the ages - Is Rosenberg's evil equaled by Cowherd's douchefactor?  I'm not sure modern science can quantify the two.

Steve Lorenz

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In all seriousness this is about the last straw for me. I'm starting to get legitimately angry anytime I happen to catch the MSM misinforming watchers and listeners nationally bashing our coach and program when articles like Feldman's get pushed behind a paywall where they will almost certainly never see the light of day to most eyes. Anybody remember Scott Van Pelt's soundbite after our allegations came up? How come that side of the story isn't pushed harder at all?  It's just nothing but a headache and a facepalm and I'm fucking tired of it. I just want to get the ball kicked off and beat the shit out of UConn. 

The FannMan

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This is all just noise.  I am not saying that breaking the rules doesn't matter.  Just that, as a fan, there are violations to get worked up over (aka USC), and "violations" to shrug your shoulders at and move on.  This is the later.  It is based on obscure rules and comes down to such issues as "how do you count stretching time" and "what type of coach can stand by the side of the field during a voluntary workout."  This isn't the fundamentals of college sports.  U of M isn't USC.  Excuse me while I shrug and move on.

If we win games, this all gets put into perspective.  It then turns into a bitter insult hurled by drunken and dejected Sparty fans before they light their couch on fire to celebrate a 6-6 season and a bowl loss.  Move along, nothing to see here, move along.

Bottom line - it is the wins and losses that are going to matter.   Not because rules don't matter, just that this situation doesn't matter that much.

So, the next time you hear Rosey on a rental car radio (BTW - are you sure that you didn't die and go to hell?) just turn the channel or turn it off.  Its just noise.

oriental andrew

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Rosenberg was on the Herd this afternoon addressing the West Virginia allegations.  In a nutshell he said this solidifies that RR knew he was breaking the rules.

If RR was unaware that he was breaking the rules at Michigan, then how does proving that he AND HIS SUCCESSOR did the same thing at WVU prove he knew he was breaking the rules all along?  If he didn't know it at Michigan (which is his claim), then there is no possible way he knew it at WVU.  Basically, what Rosenberg is doing is blatantly calling out RR as a liar and a cheater.  Ridiculous.


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... but here it goes.

First: I think the UM and WVa "violations" are way overblown, and are getting way too much media run given the SEC football and basketball shenanigans.

That said...

Coach Rod's "awareness" of violations is irrelevant as to a finding of violations.  It could be considered as a mitigating factor, possibly in the assessment of any penalty.

This is the classic "ignorance of the law is no excuse" in action.  If it were not the case Urban Meyer, Marc Richt and John Calipari would be even more brazen than they are, and when caught say they "didn't know it was wrong."

I have some theories as to what is going on and what the NCAA strategy is (possibly aided and abetted by WVa).  This isn't the time or the thread for that.

I hate that this is what Coach Rod and all of Michigan is having to deal with right now.  He is preparing testimony for an NCAA hearing right now.  Jim Tressel isn't.  

But I almost hate more the constant bashing of the [PAPER REDACTED] as if it is all their fault.  This thing now is way beyond a couple of poorly conceived and edited articles in a newspaper.

 It's unfortunate, but its the reality of the situation and it can't be trivialized at this point.


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Rosenberg knows there is a big turnaround coming in September that will drown out all his BS.  He is simply trying to get in every shot he can before then

Just ignore it.

Waxing Gibbous

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Rosenberg loses all credibility in my eyes when he states that he's read the rules and finds them clear. Who are YOU going to believe? A sportswriter that has never worked in a collegiate athletic department or the people and lawyers that do it for a living?

I get why all this is happening - it's a big deal when you can be the one that knocks someone or something off their pedestal. Now Rosenberg gets stroked every time he's a guest on shows like The Herd. And the rest of the MSM media can easily pile on because there is an easy target for a villian they blame if they are called on it.

I know now why Notre Dame (and Yankee) fans act the way they do.