More 2013 prospects get ranked by 247 sports

Submitted by Gobluegr on September 6th, 2011 at 3:36 PM
247 sports has added a number rating to about half of their future 247. Players of interest are: Shane Morris-97, Ty Issac-95, Kyle Bosch-95, Steve Elmer-97, Jon Reschke-94, and Adam Breneman-91. All of these prospects have been given 4 stars. To reach five star status you must have a rating of 98, so Shane and Steve are very close.


Wolverine in 312

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Riley Bullough is Max Bullough's brother who plays for Traverse CIty Saint Francis and is committed to MSU. Riley Norman is not Chris Norman's brother unless Chris' family decided to move from Detroit to Cadillac (and Riley developed vitiligo). Also, you are dumb. 


Edit. How you managed to have five people believe your conjecture is amazing to me.


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Let's not fret over one OL. We already have five in this class and only one is from the mitten. We can attract top linemen from everywhere, so Elmer is the only in-state OL I'm really big on. If we get him, and two to three guys from the other 49 states, we'll be in fine shape.


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just fyi, they rank only 7 players as 98, and 7 more as 97. Subject of course to changes in their rankings, you've gotta think that the guys currently rated as 97s have a good shot at getting 5stars.