Monday Presser Transcript

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Boyz n da Pahokee posted links to the press conference, but the transcript is also posted at Link:

A few snippets:

Ryan Van Bergen:

(on where the defense is)

The thing that is promising is we have seen the glimpses where we can be a great defense. We have not been great all the time, we have not been great most of the time, but when we are playing well, we could be one of the best in the country. One of the things is we have to stop saying is 'we can be' and start actually being that, because there is no reason that we cannot. We have enough depth, we have enough talent, and we just have to start executing better.

(on leaving a mark in the Big 10)

Championships are won in November and our November record is not very good. We are anxious to get into the Big Ten schedule because what we do in the next two months is what will be remembered of our team forever. That is all we have left as seniors and I think our team is very focused, we kind of have tunnel vision. 

Kevin Koger:

(on helping Denard)

We just have to get open. That's what it really amounts to. We're not being very detailed in our execution right now; receivers running routes of different depths and dropping passes. We just have to help him out. Everyone is putting the blame on him, but it's not really all on him.

Denard Robinson:

(on passing)

I guess we just have to get on the same page and work on our timing more and more. Every day we will practice and try to get better.

David Molk:

(on Koger taking blame from Denard)

It's true. Because sometimes (Denard) will take a lot on his shoulders and he'll just kind of go crazy finding the play by itself, and trying to make that hole, make that run, make a pass out of nothing, and he doesn't need to. He can rely on everyone else around him and when he does is when we play the best.

(On success in the red zone)

We've done well. We have a different more powerful running game this year. I think it got put a lot on the coaches, and Coach Borges is calling plays really well.

I've already block quoted too much . . . you should go to the link and read the presser. When not only coaches aren't taking credit, but PLAYERS are taking blame, and giving credit to others, WOW, the attitude of this team is awesome. This reminds me of a quote I read somewhere else once, which this team seems to embody:

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.



September 26th, 2011 at 10:56 PM ^

This probably won't turn out to be an all-time great team, but I really like these guys a lot...Hoke has mentioned a couple of times since coming on board how much the players like each other. 


September 26th, 2011 at 11:06 PM ^

I tend to agree with you. HOWEVA . . . what would we think if the team ran the table? It is very unlikely, but, but, but, the koolaid tastes so very good. How would we rank this team?

There are so many questions I have. I'm just enjoying the ride. Even though I don't think they are great, I think they are situated in a way that they could win far more games than they should. Denard is such a wild card. And the defense is really coming together. And the Big 10 is so weak this year. Honestly, I am so deluded that in a little corner of my brain, I think they can win against everyone in the Big 10 except maybe Nebraska, and Wisconsin.

If we stay healthy, and other teams have a few bad breaks, and we get really lucky (think:  games like ND,) well, we could go so very far. I know that Gerdeman at was being sarcastic in Michigan Monday. However, could we face LSU in the MNC? Could there really be such an improbable miracle season? Who knows. But it may come down to the last four games, and if our young players have eight games to learn the drill and to fine tune, well, we could even do well in November. I am SO MUCH enjoying this ride.

Blue in Yarmouth

September 27th, 2011 at 8:12 AM ^

I agree with you that we could win every game this season. There are a lot of wild cards at this point, but if Borges can develop a passing game that Denard can execute (one with short to midrange routes rather than all this deep stuff), more like last seasons passing attack I don't even think Nebraska and Wisconsin would be wuto losses.

Wisconsin hasn't faced anyone yet and Nebraska is just plain inconsistent. I'm not saying we are better than either team, but if we played our best football against those two teams (which isn't unthinkable considering they would both be at the tail end of the season) I could see us pulling an upset.

As I said though, with the team we have and the plays we are running on offense, we could also lose many games this year as we'll just have to wait and see.


September 27th, 2011 at 5:47 AM ^

Molk said UM is running a more power-oriented offense, and that Borges is calling plays well.  That was not elicited through a loaded or leading question.  Now we can stop saying that Borges is destroying Denard's running skill or Molk's unparalleled reach blocking ability?  Or that Borges is using guys in ways "they weren't recruited for"!?!?  The main thing missing offensively is a reliable and productive passing game, and after SDSU, I've now heard Hoke and Koger say: "hey, the WRs are at much at fault as Denard."  Actually that makes me feel a little better, since it means Denard isn't irremediably inaccurate.