Monday Morning Sparty

Submitted by Maximinus Thrax on October 5th, 2009 at 9:39 AM

Does anybody else have to deal with a co-worker/MSU grad today? It is one of life's worst experiences when we lose. This guy I worked with started with my company in December 2007 (AKA following an epic Sparty meltdown), so I never got to walk in and face him after a UM win. He is so smug, so pleased with Cousins and the Sparty D. Next week he'll probably come in saying something like "THe Illini were pretty good. It was a good win. We're really turning the season around", having no idea how truly terrible the Illini really are. God I know I've said it before but Sparty is the worst. I can go years w/o having to deal with a Buckeye, but I have to see Sparties every day. It is so hard to face them after a loss.



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Had this douchey Sparty grad come up to me and say "hey uh... did you uh... catch that game on Saturday" and I was waiting for this because I knew that he'd pull this shit and had my rebuttal handy.


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and is a fair-weather fan but it was something along the lines of "I knew that you were going to come in here and be a douche, congratulations on winning your Super Bowl." He started walking way after I said the first part.

Now another Sparty guy (who was a walk-on) came up in a more joking manner about the game and I joked back with him and he said "Michigan just played a horrible game". If he's going to be a douchey Sparty fan I will go off on him. If he's being respectful (which is a rarity for sparty fans) then I'll be respectful back also.

Context people


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how you feel. when i was still working, i worked with 90% state grads. so in 2007 when they were having their little circle jerk because michigan lost their first 2 games it was tough. but then we beat them at home that year and all was well. then last year i didn't even want to go to work on monday. when i got to work that morning everything was fine until this one jackass who i bearly talked to in the first place let alone talked college football with walks up to me and makes a smug remark. all i said to him was that i'm not talking about it right now so please go away.

Steve Levy Sucks

October 5th, 2009 at 10:08 AM ^

I made the mistake of hijacking the PA system Friday afternoon and playing 'The Victors'.

Came in this morning and I have signs all over my door about how I love MSU, I've got green and white strands of paper everywhere - pictures of other city employees wearing MSU crap.

One of the signs on my door says #1 Spartan Fan. Little post its that say I love MSU.


Hemlock Philosopher

October 5th, 2009 at 10:25 AM ^

I live in Cleveland (you can see the fires of Mt. Doom if you look to the south). Buckeye fans are by far the worst - before, during and after the game. In fact, they are turds year-round. ND is second and MSU is third. I hate losing to Sparty, but it's manageable; they know winning is fleeting for them. It's like losing to Northwestern, except without class and intelligence. It sucks when it happens, but it's rare.


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I'll never forget how snobby they were to us after winning for a second year in a row in 1996, as if they were suddenly the Big 10s finest and always would be.

(note to Sparty - even NW had beaten us 2 years in a row in recent memory. It's not that respectable).

double blue

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I hadn't thought of that. that's the best come back i have heard today- while they're patting themselves on the back like they're the new england patriots/pittsburgh steelers just lay em low by comparing their accomplishment to nw- sort of like making them the 07 dolphins 08 lions. awesome. i'll be using that today.

Shalom Lansky

October 5th, 2009 at 10:30 AM ^

Many Michigan fans claim the MSU rivalry ranks a distant third behind OSU and ND, but if you live in Michigan, losing to MSU is the worst kind of loss, there are Sparty's lurking everywhere waiting to tell you how much "scUM sucks, brah!" Losing to OSU hurts but there aren't Buckeyes waiting for you at work or school on Monday. A victory over MSU maintains status quo and therefore may not feel as good as a win over the Buckeyes that clinches a championship but boy, do the losses hurt a a LOT more.

Blue in Yarmouth

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If we win it "maintains the status quo" but if we lose we never hear the end of it. A win rarely means anything to UM in the grand scheme of things because we are generally (other than once or twice in a blue moon) supposed to kick their ass, so when we lose we don't hear the end of it for years. This rivalry is by all definitions a no win situation for UM.

MGoBlog Fan

October 5th, 2009 at 11:56 AM ^

Shit. I better go tell the Austin MSU Alumni Association (who outnumbered UM fans 3:1 at the Big Ten bar in Austin on Saturday) that we've been discovered.

Now we all gotta quit our jobs and move back to Michigan. Thanks a lot, Stan. Just remember, snitches get stitches.


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is the guy(or gal) who never wears any State gear ever, never mentions they are a State fan, never even gives a hint........but the Monday after beating Michigan they are the biggest State fan ever and cannot wait to gloat and rub it in.


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Well, you won. Congrats but to me, it seemed like S.O.S., same old spartans. And I love and you hate that Tate Forcier has three more years. Let me leave you with this...Next year in Ann Arbor, you are in big trouble and I know it and you know it.

His response, "You're right." And he walked away with his head down.


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I have expanded my initial post-game reaction to a top ten list of things you won't hear Sparty fans say:

10. "Uh, UM is 4-1 and we're only 2-3. We aren't really better than them, are
9. "We're going to a Florida bowl two years in a row."
8. "Let's not burn that couch and just celebrate indoors instead."
7. "Only thirty more victories in a row and the series is even."
6. "No, that's OK, I don't want another beer."
5. "I'm quitting my McDonald's job to go work for NASA."
4. "Wow, the coach has been here for five years now."
3. "Instead of bragging incessantly for the next year, I think I'll just show
some class and pretend we've actually beaten UM before."
2. "We just won a National Championship."
1. "Our cheerleaders sure look great today."


October 5th, 2009 at 11:46 AM ^

I was texting with a spartan during the game. They have so much self loathing. I tried to complement his team for good defense, and he blamed UM execution. When I wrote how Tate is becoming a legend with another 4th quarter comeback, he wrote that his D was to blame. He was more invested in believing that UM sucked than MSU played well. Ridiculous.


October 5th, 2009 at 12:04 PM ^

I just got the first word in (so they didn't get their shit-talking time) by saying "Hey, give my congrats to all the other ELCC fans on winning the only game that matters."

To which I invariably got "ELCC?".

"East Lansing Community College". Yeah, I'm that douche at the office.


October 5th, 2009 at 12:22 PM ^

It is at times like this I'm glad I don't live in Michigan. Sev. brief comments.

1) Some Sparty fans are douchebags, others are just happy with the win and give some good natured ribbing to Michigan fans. This is true of all fans of all teams, isn't it?

2) Of course they're going to be insecure . . . wouldn't you feel that way given their record over more than 30 years?

3) It seems to me that some Michigan fans have WAY too much of their self-identity wrapped up in the football team.

4) It also seems to me that some Michigan fans are WAY too sore about our team losing. In other words, we can dish it out, but can we take it?

5) I wouldn't personally call MSU "little brother," but their reaction to the win fits the description to a T. I look forward to Michigan returning to greatness, but can also live with the reality of several years of adjustment. Until the general player ability improves, and the systems (both defense and offense) have a few years to gel, we can expect more of the same.


October 5th, 2009 at 12:46 PM ^

Sparty comments (translated):

"Michigan never loses a game -- there's always an excuse!" (Guy in Royal Oak Brewery on Sat)
Trans: "Post-game analysis makes my head hurt. We won, so now I get to make up how it happened."

"Appalachian State! Ha ha!" (Guy walking by in Royal Oak)
Trans: "The biggest victory in the history of my program didn't involve my team even playing."

"I hate Michigan fans so much. You guys are so unbelievably arrogant! Wake up! You haven't been relevant since the BCS! Michigan State is the better BCS-era team! (Guy in Royal Oak Brewery on Sat)
Trans: "I read something on a message board somewhere that had this theory that Michigan was a regional powerhouse, and I kind of forgot all the specifics about that, but I'm pretty sure it means you suck."

"Michigan fans just can't admit that their team is now the Little Brother in this state (Guy in office)
Trans: "I know you are but what am I?"

"You just got dominated again! Hello 3-9!" (Younger brother)
Trans: "I actually don't pay any attention to college football, except when State plays Michigan."

"You guys must really want Rich Rodriguez fired now! That guy is the worst head coach in the league!" (guy at Open House yesterday).
Trans: "I believe that the best judge of a coach's ability is a sample of two games and what some guys in the local media who hate his program have to say about him."

"A loss for Michigan is like a win for Michigan State!" (guy in office)
Trans: "If you add Michigan losses to MSU wins for every year since 1970, Michigan State starts to look like a national power."

Kirk Cousins is a better quarterback than Tate Forcier (guy in office)
Trans: "Thanks to all those jagr-bombs, I pretty much have no recollection of anything that happened after the 2nd quarter on Saturday."

"Dantonio owns Michigan! You will never beat him because he cares more about this game than anything else! (younger brother)
Trans: "My head coach has an obsession with the State of Michigan which will see him go 3-9 every year, with wins against Michigan and two directional schools, until he is fired for driving his players to Ann Arbor in an attempt to jump a freshman Wolverine hockey player."

"I'm glad we won, because so long as that Forcier kid is in Ann Arbor, I don't think we'll see MSU win again for awhile...!" (Brother-in-law to be)
Trans: um....actually, that was pretty cool. Horray for cool Spartan fa...

Captain Obvious

October 5th, 2009 at 1:25 PM ^

work somewhere where Sparty can't get in. The place I work has over 1500 employees worldwide and -1- Sparty graduate and she is in an office 2000 miles away from me. There are -0- Sparty graduates in my midwestern office of over 500.


October 5th, 2009 at 4:07 PM ^

I work with a few Spartan fans. They were reasonable. It may be partly because they're outnumbered here, but most recognized that their team isn't exactly having a championship season, so there's not THAT much to crow about.