Monday College Basketball/ Michigan vs Concordia (MI) Open Thread

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Michigan vs Concordia

7:30. The game will air on the Big Ten Network.

Go Blue!



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I hate seeing our team shoot so many 3's when they have the lane open to drive inside or get it inside to someone.  We have much more size than they do.  Does anyone else notice how Smotrycz (sp?) seems to get knocked on his ass a lot? 


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We have the distinct appearance of a team that didn't pay much attention during the film session on Concordia.  Not that that's surprising, given our youth and the short turnaround.  I wouldn't draw too many conclusions from this one.


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I'm amazed how many people are confused about the redshirt rules. Once you've played as little as one play, you can't get a regular, "voluntary" redshirt. At that point, you can only get a medical redshirt. Here's a good explanation from

Voluntary Redshirt Seasons

Basketball players must plan their redshirt season in advance, because once they enter any intercollegiate game for even a single play, they are not eligible to be a redshirt that year. Players are eligible for a voluntary redshirt season only if they do not play in any portion of any game in that season.

Medical Redshirt Seasons

In the case of a serious injury or illness, a basketball player can take a redshirt season even if he has participated in games. Players are eligible for a redshirt season under the medical hardship rule if they sustain a season-ending injury or other medical condition, but the NCAA will grant the redshirt year only under two conditions. First, the injury must have happened in the first half of the team's season. Second, the player cannot have played in more than 20 percent of the games on the team's season schedule. The school's athletic conference and the NCAA will request medical documentation before allowing the redshirt season.


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This school has 774 students?  Out of curiosity even with the last guys on the bench hungover why is it this close?  Anyway actually watching who can tell me this is better than it sounds.


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Open looks inside and out for Concordia. Good post presence, albeit a 6'5" presence and they were GRITTY.

I was a bit skittish watching it and thinking about the Horror for a few minutes. At any level, there are going to be a few guys that can play. Depth is the issue at the smaller schools.

Basketball has those peculiar runs and Concordia was ready and got after it. For 30 minutes, it was a ballgame.


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I was at the game. We looked really bad in the first half, and then started doing well with about 10 minutes left. Darrius Morris is a beast. There was very little defense being played down low. Concordia's Rocko was killing us, apparently we couldn't guard him even with someone taller than him (Morgan). Morgan also put up high numbers down low for us. Without Rocko, their team isn't very good. I have a feeling if he was a bit taller he would have been recruited by larger schools because he is very skilled. Good for him. 

Concordia had a lot of fans at the game, including their mascot. They were very loud for how many people they had there. Much more spirited than the Michigan fans at the game.


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Horford didn't play last night because he has a minor injury--and certainly not one that's season-ending and qualifying for a medical redshirt. Rothstein has the scoop over at

[Horford] twisted his knee in practice Sunday, so Beilein held him out. Horford, who had averaged 5.5 minutes spelling starting forward Jordan Morgan, missed his second straight game.

“Probably could have played him in an emergency in foul trouble,” Beilein said. “But didn’t want to go there today. There wasn’t swelling, didn’t look like it was anything that was serious.”