Molk does 41 reps at combine

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Per umfootball twitted. Damn strong dude. Now we have to see if MM can break the record.


Michael Scarn

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[W]hen Justin Ernest of Eastern Kentucky set a Combine bench press record with 51 reps in 1999, he wasn’t drafted. And Ernest’s achievement has been forgotten to such an extent that when Oregon State’s Stephen Paea hit 49 reps last year, it was widely reported as an all-time record.

Source: PFT


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That is amazing, but I suspect he's a bit disappointed.  He said in the ESPN story on he and Martin that he'd done 39 reps after an entire workout.  I suspect he was hoping for a bigger jump.  Still, amazing.  I hope his potential is seen and translates to an decent draft position.

Rather be on BA

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When lifting a weight so much less than what you train at you really don't notice as big of a difference between rep #'s fresh than after training.  Hitting 39 after a workout does not necessarily mean you can do 10 more fresh. 

41 reps is freaking crazy though..  Congrats!  Goodluck to MM.


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The record is actually 51. This is from

Justin Ernest of Eastern Kentucky repped 225 pounds 51 times in 1999, but he wasn’t drafted. Ernest’s record was nearly forgotten last year as Oregon State’s Stephen Paea hit 49 reps last year, which was widely reported as the new all-time record.


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Just checked. Just for a comparison, Jake Long only did 37 reps (Yes, I'm being facetious).

Molk is a monster. I can't wait to find out what Mike Martin lifts. 


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I also feel Molk is not happy with 41 reps, but the fact remains with very few OL left to BP, the next closest is David DeCastro with 34.... Kudos to Molk!!!!


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It contains the following:

For comparison, Wisconsin center Peter Konz posted 18 reps in the bench press, and he's projected to be a first-round pick. Konz said shortly after the lift that at the center position, too much shouldn't be made of combine measurables such as bench-press reps. "There's so many variables, I don't chalk it up much," he said. "I try to use my technique, but that's something I'll work out." When asked about Molk's 41 reps -- more than twice what he posted in the same event -- Konz said: "It'll translate a little bit (to NFL play), but at the same time, you need to know what kind of football player a guy is."

Yeah, Rimington, All American, played the Sugar Bowl on one foot. What a silly attempt to cover for the difference in their strength. All truths, to be sure, but weak.

Ooh, I feel emboldened and embiggened today!



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Molk is a beast and hopefully he goes somewhere with the opportunity to start within the next couple of years. Also, I really hope the Lions don't draft Mike Adams like I have seen some Mock Drafts projecting. First, he went to OSU which makes him undraftable and Second,19 reps at 225 for an expected first round offensive tackle is pathetic.