Moeller LB Prospect Hubbard to Ohio via Eleven Warriors

Submitted by Boom Goes the … on April 5th, 2013 at 6:07 PM

title says it all.  Never sounded like he was that high on Michigan, and hopefully can lean Berger closer to Michigan.  Good pickup for the bux though



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Make sure to update us with all OSU commits, especially those reported by 11 Warriors.  While at it, pease provided real time updates for any MSU and Notre Dame commits.  I'll be on the edge of my seat in the mean time.


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Who Michigan expected to get or something, then I think it is thread worthy.

Last year I think UM offered over 150 kids and I know we did not see a thread for everyone who committed elsewhere...just the ones the fans were following.

Otherwise, it really doesn't qualify as news in my opinion. Kind of like when Michigan doesn't offer a player....or when Rutgers wins a BB game.

Rusty Knuckles

April 5th, 2013 at 8:03 PM ^

In future posts like these, could everyone include the stars/rankings of these guys so I can actually know whether or not to be alarmed.  Also, if Michigan offered.  Thanks.


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Michigan offered, but not a high level prospect (per Rivals).

Since we have such a small class this year, I would have been disappointed if he committed to Michigan.  I prefer some other recruits.


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he's more under the radar, because he was believed to be focusing on lacrosse (and already commited to ND) before this.  you can bet if he had offers from hoke/mattison and urban that he's a high level prospect, regardless of what his rankings say.  

that having been said, i like berger better for that SAM spot because hubbard is a man-child already (6'6" 225lb), and will likely outgrow the SAM spot soon.  a college S&C program practically guarantees he gets up to the 250's or even 260, so he'll likely be on the DL in a few years.  we need SAM strictly

Mr. Yost

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Your trying too hard OMG Shirtless

You know I respect you as a poster, but you're wrong on this one my man...

I really would like to know why I should care. Was this guy a Michigan legacy? Is he a prospect? What is the reason that he's such a big deal?

It could've been worded differently, but I still don't know what makes this player any different from any other Ohio commit from the state of Ohio.

Damon Webb? I got that, he's from Michigan and from a pipeline school. He was also a prospect and a position of need.

Not sure about "Moller LB Prospect Hubbard"

...would you care to explain? Or do you want to continue reaching for something you're completely wrong about?

Edit: And people don't usually trash my depth charts...just you. Sure there's an em0 comment in there, but that's about it. Normally it's useful opinion and discussion. That is until people like yourself take it upon themselves to be the big bad board bully.


Mr. Yost

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That's why you are wrong.

I was generally trying to figure out why this player mattered.

He's a 4* LB from Ohio that went to Ohio.

Again, is he a Michigan legacy? Was he previously committed to Michigan? etc.

It's not like he's a top prospect, it's not like he's from Michigan or Cass Tech.


You haven't told me otherwise. But as of now (because you haven't told me why he matters) I know that if an Ohio fan would've started this thread it would've been considered trolling by 100% of this board. So because a Michigan fan started it, I'm trying to figure out why it's not.


Again, this is FAR from what you're comparing it to. In fact, it's not even close.

OMG Shirtless

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To me, your comment appeared to be snarkier and more sarcastic than you intended it to be.  That's my bad.  I sincerly apologize and ask for your forgiveness for so drastically misreading your comment.  (Will this get you to stop responding with multiple paragraphs?)  

SIDENOTE: I have absolutely no idea why this matters.  If I had time to comment when this was posted yesterday I would have launched my standard snark attack at the OP.  


Mr. Yost

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...doesn't become you.

In fact it's even worse when YOU respond with multiple paragraphs as well (then complain about it). Or when you respond at all and complain about someone else responding.

It's a message board, no one is forcing you to talk, type, respond. If you do, clearly you're interested in holding discussion.

In're doing it wrong.

Shakey Jake

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The kid originally picked LAX over football. So 1) one has to question his love for football and 2) Why would he then go drop LAX and ND for football at Ohio? Maybe I am missing something but sounds a bit strange.


April 6th, 2013 at 12:51 PM ^

He committed to ND LAX as a sophmore, didn't really have any football offers, also the ND LAX scholarship was only a partial scholarship, not sure if it's a LAX thing or what but thats what he said. At the end of the day playing football for the buckeyes has got to be a way better experience than playing LAX for any school much less ND

Perd Hapley

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Thanks for the info. If a kid we offer goes to a rival (ND,State or OSU) I find it interesting and enjoy reading what people think about it, so Thanks