Submitted by Moe Sport Shop on October 1st, 2010 at 11:44 AM


The person who comes closest (in a tie, winner is the lower number) to predicting the combined net yards rushing plus net yards passing that Denard has tomorrow versus IU.  Whoever comments first with a number gets that number, so if someone else already guessed 333 yards, if you guess 333 it is a waste because he has "dibs" on that number already!

Please leave your prediction in the subject line.  

Some hints given by other last week's contestants is to set your view to 300 and you can quickly do a search (Ctrl + F) to see if your number is taken.

I also do the same contest on my Facebook page, last week we only had 23 entries and the winner sent me this email " I am shocked!  I won the contest?  Was there only one winner or several?", so if you want a way better chance to win, hit up that contest too.

GO BLUE!!!!!!!!!