Moegocontest - UofM Die Hard in Seattle - is winner email me [email protected]

Submitted by Moe Sport Shop on November 4th, 2011 at 11:24 AM


1st - Wolverine Pride - you won last week and haven't heard from you yet, email me [email protected] to claim

2nd - Moe does NOT neg anyone who participates in the contest, I know some others do to make the thread smaller and more streamlined to look at and see which numbers taken.   

$25 coupon code to for the winner!  You know the drill, just predict the total number of offensive yards for both teams for tomorrows Umich/Iowa game.  Tie goes to lower number and I use stats.

1st person who picks a number has "dibs" on that number so be sure to CTRL-F before you submit.

Please leave your prediction in the subject line and sorry I do not accept math equations as your number, when you have to sift through 200+ entries I don't have time to do math homework.

Go Blue!