Moe Wagner articles on being hated by opposing fans & playing Spurs at 17 yrs old

Submitted by PeteM on March 30th, 2018 at 9:02 AM

Thought these were both interesting articles.  The first talks about how Wagner matches up to Krutwig, and how he embraces being hated by opposing fans.  The 2nd is from a local San Antonio site and talks about he got to play the Spurs with his club team as a 17 year old when they travelled to Germany, which would have to have been an incredible experience in high school.……


Blue and Joe

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The best players are often the ones you would hate if they were on any other team. As long as you're not being an actual dick (Grayson Allen), it's all in good fun.

I hope Sister Jean is ready to see some mean mugging.


March 30th, 2018 at 1:15 PM ^

I don’t know about that. Laimbeer had kind of Greyson Allen vibe to him. He was a cheap shot artist. I am a pacers fan but I liked the bad boys, much more than the bulls, but Laimbeer would frequently cross the line. It’s a double edge sword for me, because I liked his fire but didn’t like the cheap shot stuff. That and them walking off the court when they fairly lost to the Bulls ultimately soured me on the bad boys. The walking off the court was such a bitch move.


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Also if Loyola is MVC Purdue without the beast that is Haas I like our chances. Not sure having Wagner helps attact future German talent but if we can get in on some young Dirks and Moes that would be excellent. Keep the five out offense going for years to come.


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Bill Lambeer was a cheap shot artist and dirty player.  He helped ruin basketball for a number of years until they outlawed thuggery in the paint.  He epitomized the sparty thug basketball style that this blog reviles so much.