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Submitted by MGoChippewa on January 30th, 2012 at 2:33 PM

As good as this year's team is, my first reaction was still: WTF? Although, once I scrolled through the team's with seeds lower than Michigan, it became apparent that the field isn't extremely deep this year. Hypothetical 1st round matchup pits UofM against a solid mid-major in Long Beach State and star guard Casper Ware.  Potential 2nd round matchup with St Mary's would also be fun.  Again, I'm aware of how bad Lunardi is, but with the season starting to wind down, it's fun to watch.  As always, GO BLUE!




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One of the first lyrics of this song is "Zoltan, open the sky!". Now of course this is in reference to the guitarist, whose name is also Zoltan, but it is, if anything, even more applicable to our esteemed ex-punter-god.