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There was really nothing extravegant on the show we didn't already know. I figured they were going to address Torg's statements.  Let's get this deleted and not give legs to a rumor when his own station won't bring it up in an interview with Forde...recruits don't need to hear this.



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is this Torg guy claims that UlofM players may have been getting hooked up by this memorabelia dealer in ohio.  The only thing I can say to that is if Denard or whoever wanted to make a couple hundred bucks for signing an autograph or 2.. do you really think they would have to go to this dealer in Ohio to do it?  I call major bullshit. This thing reeks of OSU slaps trying to spread the heat. 


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I've been listening for 10 minutes and NOBODY has mentioned Michigan, at all, they're just rehashing the situation and talking about "if ESPN has been unfair in its reporting." Forde is all like, "In my reporting, I'm reporting sources."

EDIT: They just got through the entire Forde interview and never mentioned Michigan. Sounds like any "Michigan involvement" is bullshit from the Torg guy.

Darth Tressel

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It simply wouldn't matter if there actually were UM athletes selling autographs because they would still have to have someone talk or have proof with checks. Denard has a ton of stuff on ebay as does nearly every top college football player around the country. Andrew Luck, Lamichael James, Trent Richardson, you can go on and on. Unless there is someone willing to talk, it's a non-story.


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Even more so, they would have to prove the player received the benefits of said merchandise.  Anyone can get a signed football, jersey, helmet, etc. and sell it either on Ebay or "black market" and the NCAA would have no problem.  The problem only arises when the player is receiving benefits or cash to provide the autograph or mechandise to the "seller".


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Putting aside the absurd angle of Michigan speculation from "TORG," look at this way.

If ESPN was right to run with the story, OSU is in deep trouble. If they weren't, we might rid ourselves of Pat Forde.




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I call B.S.  They probably saw an autographed UM jersey in the store and now are going to try and drag Michigan into their mess.  Nice try Buckeyes.


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Interesting that Forde did not mention anything regarding Michigan players.  Was not brought up by the sports guys, either.  For those of you that didn't get a chance to listen, Forde did not get into specifics, other than a letter was sent to Ohio back on August 3 detailing another round of investigation; Ohio denies this.  Ohio also says that the investigation is complete.  Dimitrious Stanley and Forde both agree Ohio is playing semantics and did receive notice.  Forde refrained from predicting what the NCAA would do, but did say that any outcome would not occur on this new matter until 2012 at the earliest.  He did say it would not affect whatever happens on Friday.

Edit: Thanks to Columbus_Wolverine for the updates on this.



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Considering how quickly Buckeyes have turned on any media person criticizing them, I'm sure it was just a bone to throw out there to an audience so the station doesn't look like the bad guy for joining Forde in breaking the story.

They didn't talk to Forde about it because they know it has no legs.



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There are 2-3 sports memrobilia stores and every year they do pay graduating seniors after the season for autograph sessions as seen on OTL.  They do have autographs of current players I think, but never UM players.


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Well the show is over, apparently, and the Torg guy never even mentioned Michigan or his supposed "sources" so I think it is a pretty baseless claim. They literally talked about nothing new during that half hour, just rehashing old arguments, bucknuts acting like victims and a bunch of shitty rock music.


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Let's say a player sold autographs. We can just follow OSUs example
<br>Fire RichRod and forfeit our wins from last year. Big deal.


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the biggest homers for Ohio are on a radio station that is an affiliate of ESPN. I've never had a second favorite team, but if I did, they're from Bristol...


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I feel that if we were cheating in some way (which I don't think and hope we're not), the university would find it in their best interest to self report the violation instead of have it come out through someone named Torg.  I don't think the NCAA would respect that. 

We've been through this already with practice-gate and it would really blow to go through it again.


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(Or been in the armed forces) You know that when captured, you try and trick your captor into believing that one his men is crossing him so that your captor is distracted and the attention is off you, thus giving you more time to live. I think I see some similarities here.

Solar Bob

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Michigan could be in the same kind of trouble as OSU.  Hypothetically the coaching staff has had exactly 0 games to knowingly play ineligible players.  

Darth Wolverine

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I didn't feel like reading through all the comments, so if someone mentioned this already, my bad. BUT, did anyone hear the OSU guy ask Pat the "ESPN has been unfair" question? Pat immediately responded with something like, "I'd like to know what ESPN has been doing that is unfair."

Dumb OSU people. I'm so sick of hearing them saying crap like, "This is a witch hunt and not fair to OSU." Well, if Tressel wasn't a dirty coach and tried to cover things up, then OSU would not have gone through this.


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Its very possible kids sold signed items but that dont mean what has been going on in Cbus is going on in Ann Arbor. Just for the record just because there is signed memorobilia with current players names on it dont mean me they sold it.

The fact that the Ohio players were selling stuff didnt bother bother me all that much other than the chuckle at OSUs expense. What Tressel did however and then what OSU has done sense is what is bothering me. They should all be fired simple as that.

Michigan needs to talk to all their kids and see what is up and if there is something take their punishiment on the chin like a man.

The OSU fans have been the worst people in all of this. The everyone is lying, everyone is out to get us, there is nothing to see here crap. Grow up already you know shady stuff is happening admit and move on Christ already some of you act like little kids.

Another thing I have noticed is how they try to point at Michigan and say we have to be doing it or Hoke is negative recruiting or cheating.

Take your punishment like men and get over it. It dont matter what everyone else is doing it only matters what you are doing. Well thats what I tell my small children anyways.

I can understand you want to rip Michigan and you dont like Michigan and I get it but dont accuse Michigan of wrong doings just to make yourself feel better about the crap your team has pulled.

If Michigan did wrong punish them. If not then let it go.



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Now that the show is over, it might not be idea for the mods to delete this. No use in giving legs to a rumor that has not been mentioned elsewhere. I know I posted it it, but I figured they would say something about it during the show.
<br>Can we get the mods to delete this thread on the grounds of not wanting recruits to read this and get the wrong idea?