MOAR Brandin Hawthorne plz!!

Submitted by caup on September 11th, 2011 at 8:48 PM

#7 was a revelation last night. Holy cow, he was all over the filed making plays.  And he's not a situational liability.   He makes the defense better.



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I think we'll see him some more.  The D rotation seemed to slow as the game went on.  I'm wondering if the coaches started to settle on a primary group there.  Hawthorne deserved it, that's for sure.  Although, I honestly didn't pay attention to his pass coverage.

I will also say that Will Campbell played pretty well when he was inserted in the 4th quarter.  Not much of a pass rusher, but good run stuffer.  That 3rd down where Ryan came in untouched?  Campbell literally destroyed that RT.  He put the dude on his ass right at the point of attack.  I hope that becomes a rule, rather than an exeption.


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part of the game, which must mean something (unless the rotations are fixed and it was simply his turn). Hoke mentioned him during his BTN interview, and he's likely going to grade out well during team film review

Was great to see him obliterate that RT in a 1-on-1 match-up, just bent him over backwards


September 12th, 2011 at 1:56 PM ^

ND had run a lot of plays by that point.  I kind of feel like BWC got the nod because the starters were gassed as opposed to confidence (he didn't look that great last week).

Still it was nice to see him blow that RT up and some other plays.  It's positive film the coaches can use to build on with him.  Also we can let him destroy poor fools on the EMU, SDSU and Minny lines for the next three weeks.  It would be amazing if by MSU the light bulb is on in BWC's head and he's a regular.


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He's got so much potential, and there's only so much you're going to find out in practice. He needs as much PT as possible prior to the conference schedule.


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I'm wondering the same thing.  Western did a lot of quick passes to neutralize a pass rush, and ND did some of the same, but he should have to potential to generate some pressure anyway.  He always seems like a half step late.  Although I did notice him play diciplined in many run situations.  He didn't lose contain, and stayed home on read options (i.e. not crashing, and opening up a big run).  But he always seems just a little late to the ball.  Don't know what the problem was.  Did Black play really any better?


September 12th, 2011 at 2:47 AM ^

But from skimming the highlights (will be skimming the game itself at some point), it looked like Roh was playing a lot of contain - and while I'm not a football coach, it seemed like he was mostly (there was one play where it looked like he bit on a QB fake and jumped upfield instead of coming backside on the RB, but he was backside on the play so he may not have had chase responsibility?) making good decisions.  Maybe not tackles (though there was one where he forced the ball carrier into the tackler, and another where if Martin hadn't done a nice job ripping through a block he'd have had the tackle himself) but I don't think he'll grade out badly.

I did notice he was out of the game on a lot of the 3rd and short situations where we got good penetration and stopped rushers in the backfield - read into that what you will.


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What are you comparing Roh's play with? What do you mean what's happened to him? I've never been impressed with him during games in his 3 years. I've always EXPECTED him to be good because of his size and apparent athletic ability, but in games, I feel like he always disappears. His play has always been extremely disappointing to me.


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Jibreel Black, Big Will, Hawthorne, MRob, all guys who werent on the starter radar early but came up huge last night. Guys get into games and turn it up, Wills energy on the field was awesome.


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It is funny how many are high on Hawthorn, but nonoe has mentioned the cheap shot/punch he had just as the ABC was going to a break.  Also strikes me as ironic not a mention of it when they came back to aire.  I loved his play, not questioning his ability to make this D better, but I will question his character as a student athelete at Michigan!  There is no place for that type of behavior from anyone on this team.  We are the Ohio, Sparty, or anyother team out there.


September 12th, 2011 at 9:21 AM ^

The funny thing about your comment, last year there was a cheap shot on a Michigan player.  I can't remember what game it was, and everyone on here weere expressing their feelings about how there is no place in football for that type of behavior.  Now the table has turned, it is a Michigan player which did it, and you are supporting the behavior.  HYPOCRITES


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It' good to see the Pahokee kids do well for Michigan as I understand from a sports documentary there is plenty of potential talent in that area.  I think Brandin played well enough to get some serious playing time this season - the young man has a future a Michigan.


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Nice to see Hawthorne become a key player.  He seemed to be a forgotten guy in the depth chart prior to this year.  People have talked about how many returning starters we had on defense coming into this year, but the 2010 D was such a complete mess that our new defensive staff is clearly still having to figure out whom the best players are.

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I saw him hit a ND player after the whistle, looked like he punched him in the head.  It was right in front of the ref and I can't believe he didn't get flagged.  Didn't like seeing that.


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I can't believe how many have a problem with a kid having a momentary lapse of judgement playing a contact sport. It happens every week at every level in the country.


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I try to focus on the linebackers when I'm watching the game and Hawthorne did some pretty nice things.  He made some mistakes on read/reacts/getting off the block and at least once he was late on a TE out route that was his to cover, but overall, he played well.

Not to jump off topic, but I noticed #76 Q Washington in the game as well.  I didn't watch his play.  Did anyone take notice of his play?


Naked Bootlegger

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I noticed Q on two occasions, both replays on TV.   My first impression was "meh".   He got absolutely nowhere upfield on one passing play.   My initial reaction was that he was dropping off the LOS in a zone blitz, but he was engaged with a ND OL!   So I think that theory can be shot down.   Perhaps he was in on one or more of the 3rd and short stands where we stuffed ND?   I remember he was often on the field for the goal line "D" last year.