Mo Wagner NBA debut vs. the Suns - 3-8 shooting, 10 pts, 3 rebs in 10 minutes

Submitted by kehnonymous on December 2nd, 2018 at 6:29 PM

I'll probably eff up the embed, so link of highlights is above.

With the obvious disclaimer that this was mostly in garbage time of a Laker blowout, it's good to see Herr Wagner in action again.  It was just as great to see the other Laker centers going nuts when Mo tallied his first points.  (I'm sure John Beilein had an involuntary twitch at Wagner racking up 4 fouls in only 10 minutes of play, though)



matt D

December 3rd, 2018 at 11:16 AM ^

As an avid Laker fan that watches nearly every game, I was definitely excited to see Wagner get some extended run yesterday. Caveats apply for garbage time, but his stroke from the perimeter looked legit with repeatable mechanics and he also attacked a closeout that created some space before he lost balance in the paint. Need to see him in real game action against legit comp (Suns are very, very bad) to really evaluate, but he looks like he can hold his own on the offensive end with continued development. Will definitely need to set much better screens, and if he can do that, it will create much more space for him to attack wild closeouts.

Defensively, a completely different story. The Suns gave the ball to Ayton on the block with Wagner matched  up on him, and to put it kindly, Ayton got to his spot as if Wagner wasn't even in the area as he scored a layup. Contrast that with Ayton's futile attempts at bullying Chandler in the post and then shooting wild midrange jumpers that clanked off the backboard once he realized that iso post offense simply wasn't a good idea against Tyson Chandler.

Unfortunately, I don't think Wagner is going to play very much for us. He's a considerable downgrade on the defensive end from McGee, and especially Chandler. McGee is the better offensive option and Chandler is the better defensive option. Barring injury, I don't think he gets more than mop-up duty in garbage time. Lakers are in win now mode and are surging, we're not looking to develop at this point............I can see him getting moved in a trade deadline deal or perhaps this Summer.