Mo Hurst diagnosed with a heart condition at the NFL combine

Submitted by Streetchemist on March 3rd, 2018 at 12:48 PM
Adam Schefter on Twitter:
Michigan DT Maurice Hurst, projected as a potential first-round pick, was diagnosed today with a heart condition, league sources told ESPN. Hurst will not go through combine drills and will undergo further testing this week.


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It is not standard practice for NCAA teams to perform EKGs on athletes.  The NFL performs EKGs on every athlete at the combine.  My father is a Cardiologist who previously read the EKGs for the athletes at the combine.  He occasionally would discover something that would not be detected per standard team physical examinations.  When an abnormality is detected, they undergo further testing (i.e. Cardiac ultrasound, or others depending upon findings) to detect any potential structural abnormality.  This is usually not favorable, but sometimes it may be something incidental and not affecting ability to play safely.  Let's all hope for the best.  Mo deserves NFL success and a large salary.  We know him, though.  He is a hard-worker, and he will succeed regardless of this outcome.  


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nothing done in routine yearly physicals would catch a heart related issue. It was the standard hernia, BP, flexibility, scoliosis, 'any problems' you want to talk about? If you went for a checkup/visit to report fatigue, or other relatable issues maybe...but servicing every athlete at the start of each season...not likely


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Is that he's managed to play at a really high level for 4 years.

The risk here is that heart stuff can be tricky and obviously serious. I hope for Mo's sake that this ends up being nothing serious and that he is able to pursue his dream.


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that's awful to hear. I hope the best for him. He deserves everything he has coming his way, aside from the health issues of course. Hopefully it is just a small murmur that doesn't hold him back at all. Nothing more unfair than being a few weeks away from fulfilling your dream and finding out something like this. 


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I really hope this isn't serious. It sucks that Mo worked his ass off to get to this point and now his career might be over before it begins.


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Not unusual. I've had NFL people tell me that the medical portion of the combine is all any team really cares about.

I hope it's not serious, and I'd feel terrible if this derailed his career, but better to know this now. I think we all know the Quentin Groves story, though he was able to play several years in the NFL.


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Teams have their preferences, but my understanding is that there's actually a trend away from too much reliance on analytics. Everyone noticed the Raiders' dead decade when they went all-out on the combine stuff.

I heard (and this was second-hand) that there was at least one team, maybe several, that indicated they wouldn't even be there if it weren't for the medical. Even the interviews are so coached these days that teams stopped caring.

But the medical is their one opportunity to poke and prod before they've acquired a player. It's more thorough than anything most of us will ever experience in a lifetime.

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Terrible news. Let’s hope it’s not serious. Would this be covered under the insurance policies we see seniors take out recently, or does that have to be from an on-field injury?


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Potentially awful; but the good news is finding something this way, vs not finding it.

Good luck to him...hoping it's not serious and glad they look for this stuff. Could save a guy's life.


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Hopefully it is something that can be fixed. But if not its good that they found out before he died on the field . 

Having a Michigan education , I am confident, if he should not be able to play in the NFL .  He will; be just fine in life .


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that's terrible. I hate that Mo has to deal with this at what should be the most exciting and happy time in his life. I suppose that it's better to find the issue then have it be there and not know about it, I hope it's nothing serious. Mo Hurst has worked hard and stayed out of trouble, I feel like he deserves every bit of the success that is going to come to him.


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Hard to think positively, but better to know than not to know, and it's his hard work & dedication that put him in the position of finding out now, when whatever it is can be taken care of. We're all pulling for you, Mo!


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Hopefully he's okay. At least they caught it early.

Surprised it wasn't flagged earlier. I assume the team does a decent job checking out the health of their athletes.


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This sucks for potentially derailing his NFL career. 

But there is the very real possibility that, without football, Mo would have never found out about this. And he might have dropped dead at a young age as a result. 

Whever his football future is, football has already potentially saved his life. 


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Hope they can make room for him on the UM coaching staff if he can’t play anymore. Get him into grad school and an assistant job ASAP so he is busy and doesn’t spiral in to depression as many might if a lifelong dream is taken away ina heartbeat (no pun intended)


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It’s good that this was discovered at a young age hopefully it isn’t too serious. Although I wonder why this wasn’t found before? Do college and high school players not get heart checks?

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You would have to assume that his condition isn't very serious bc The University Of Michigan has one of the best medical staffs in all the land. If it were serious I am sure our med staff would have caught it.

So I am holding out hope that this "condition" is something fixable or something not likely to affect his ability to play at a high level.

Hang in there Mo!!!!


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Aww man, hope he is well and it’s treatable. This puts things in perspective. I’m sitting here worrying about this basketball game against State, and Mo is worrying about a heart condition and his career. Some things are more important than a game. Get well soon Mo.