Mo Hurst Crushing It in the NFL

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Likely to the surprise of nobody on this board (but absolutely shocking to certain draft-day analysts who clearly never watched him play), Mo Hurst is one of PFF's top graded rookies so far this year.

According to the chart included in this article, Hurst is 4th overall among rookies with an 82.5 grade--behind only Derwin James (86.6), Leighton Vander Esch (86.4), and Mr. "Academics-Are-Super-Important-to-Me-So-I'm-Taking-My-Talents-to....Alabama" Da'Shawn Hand (85.2).



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Aww man now you made me sad, I wish we had deshawn hand.

Cheap shot at him was uncalled for, let the kids decide where they play.  He's in the nfl and doing well, he never had legal trouble, why be butt hurt about it?


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What? I didn't take a shot at Hand. I expressed skepticism that the coaches told him he couldn't come to Michigan and take engineering courses. You may recall that when Harbaugh was coaching at Stanford he threw Bo under the bus (he waited until Bo was dead) and claimed that Bo wouldn't let players take difficult courses.

I suspect that the coaches would have been happy to take Hand and let him find out if taking engineering and playing football would work for him. It would be worth it even if he lost a year to redshirting like Walker did.

Chalky White

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Sam Webb said he wanted some sort of petroleum engineering degree. Michigan didn't directly offer what he wanted. They were also intrigued by the presentation from the sports management department. Michigan told him he could still achieve his goals through its engineering program. He went to Alabama for football. It seems to have paid off.


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In Mo's case the fall to later rounds is at least defensible given the medical reports leading up to the draft.  If teams were scared away by that, fine.   But there were also a number of NFL draft folks on Twitter whose names I don't recall who insisted that Mo was falling in the draft because he wasn't actually that good.  If scouts watched Mo's game film and thought "yeah, that's a mid-round pick," well, they might want to consider a different line of work. 


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Could it be, in Da'shawn's case, that he was surrounded by too much talent and didn't have the chance to showcase his own?

If I were one of the blue bloods competing with Alabama on the recruiting trail I would use this exact note against them. Da'shawn potentially lost millions by being "another good Alabama d-lineman."


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TBF, many analysts had him going in Rd. 1 or at worst, day 1 before some health concerns popped up. I won't fault a team for doing that. For every Gronk there are many guys who's injuries don't let them perform up to expectations.


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Assuming Hurst's medical condition never stops him from playing, I think it is clear he will end up being the best value pick in the 2018 draft.  A (now) clear first-round talent taken in the 5th round. 




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What I never understood about Hurst - plenty of guys in the 2nd-4th rounds are busts (if you can even call a 4th rounder who doesn't pan out in the league a bust). They always are. If you're batting .500 in those rounds you're doing GREAT. Hell even the 1st round has busts every year.

Mo was as close to a can't miss from an on-field performance perspective as you're going to get. Is his medical issue, which apparently had no effect on his time in college or the NFL so far, really a greater risk of busting out than your average 2nd-4th rounder?


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Another point to make here is that through last week, he was in on 61% of Oakland's defensive plays. That's a full load for a defensive tackle in the NFL. Pro teams do not skimp on medical evaluations, and it's unlikely the Raiders would risk the fallout if they overworked Hurst and caused harm. They are not holding him back in the slightest.

Since there really are no secrets in the NFL and the Combine is designed to provide opportunity for medical evaluation, I'm really puzzled by this case. Why was he drafted so low if A) he has first-round ability and B) he apparently passed what he needed to pass to assure teams he was healthy?

Frankly, this is a mystery to me. Admittedly, I don't know everything about the NFL, but I've got nothing here.


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My understanding is that Hand chose Alabama over Michigan because Alabama had no problem with his plan to major in civil engineering whereas Michigan wasn't exactly thrilled with that idea. Though he didn't end up pursuing civil engineering, he did graduate from Alabama in three and a half years with a 3.4 GPA. Not sure the shot at his academics is warranted. 

M Squared

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I know that I’m in the minority on this but I feel strongly that Mo Hurst was one of the top three defensive Michigan players in the past 25 years. He was absolutely dominant and unblockable. He ruined the development of countless offensive plays of opponents. I’m glad he’s doing well in the NFL. 


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Its a fucking travesty he didn't get first round money.

One of my favorite Mo Hurst moments wasn't even on the field though, it was his Uber ride with the asian dude who didn't know who he was.  "Do you watch football?"