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Just as Hurst is. But Hurst is an interior player, where his consistent impact is more impressive in my mind. You could add plenty of tags to the ones Brian has already made(Hurst Teleports Around Offensive Lineman, Hurst bursts through gap before anyone sees anything). Hurst is the most consistently dominant lineman Michigan has had in my lifetime(22 years). I remember Woodley and Graham as dominant pass rushers with occasional dominant plays against the run. Hurst has been doing things that I have never seen from a DT consistently that last 2 years(and I watch a good amount of NFL games). He has a special place in any NFL teams plans when it comes to blowing up run plays and rushing the passer/pushing the pocket from the DT position. 


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even when they are playing the same position, as they generally have specific strengths and weaknesses.

I will say throw out this, however, and I don't think it is hyperbole.

Mo Hurst has the fastest first step reaction off the snap of any interior lineman I have watched at the collegiate level over the past 20 years. I will be interested to see how his overall game translates to the NFL.


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PFF has been consistently rating him not only the top defensive player in the B1G, but in the COUNTRY.

I just read today he has the highest PFF grade in the NCAA and he is most likely going to be ranked #1 overall on PFF’s draft big board. They’re basically saying he’s a lock for a top 10-15 pick.

It’s just amazing to watch each week. Quickest DT I’ve ever seen get off a snap.


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There’s a difference between being a dick and poking fun. I could have easily commented something much more hateful about Nolan if that’s how I truly felt about him. But he’s a smart kid and I’m sure goes out to practice every day and gives 100%, which is why I didn’t.

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Your joke was in good fun and reasonable in my mind. Especially considering all the talk about Ulizio from before the season. But don't try to defend somewittyname. He was an asshole and had no tolerance of people questioning his opinion. This board will always be hard on people whose opinion they don't like. Learning how to handle that is a good life lesson for all of us. Mr. Yost(Previous owner of negbang record) owned up to it and was fair and not aggressive his entire negbang. Somewittyname was not that...... 


Neither was Maizen about his Belein bashing.... yes I'm still mad about that from basketball season(And will never forget)


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He was an ass because he got 300 negs on his first comment. I feel like I’m headed down that same dark path. When I joined last year I was always so positive on the blog. Yesterday I picked up 250 negs arguing over box scores. 60 off from overtaking Maizen’s spot. Wtf happened?

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Please, someone refresh my memory: how and where did we find this guy? Who was his primary recruiter?

Was Mo even a 4*? All I remember is that he seemed to be viewed as a "project" by most on the board when he committed.


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From what I recall Hurst was DT in high school but also his teams RB in some situations. He's from the New England area. His RB past must really help his knowledge of how the Oline is blocking and what gaps to shoot. Which explains how he has such superior athletisicm for the DT postion. He could go down as the best DT Michigan has ever had if he keeps this up IMO.

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This is not true. As a running back you are looking for completely different things than a DL. You are reading your OL and where they have leverage and who the unblocked guy is/how to set up leverage on him(Get him in the wrong gap). There is no way that being a running back in high school helped Mo Hurst outside of the fact that he might have some added quickness. Not trying to bash you, just explaining that that line of thinking does not coincide with what a RB is looking at before the snap/during the play. 


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Congrats to Hurst.  Glad to see him recognized for the dominant player he's been all year.

Nordin being left off the list is just silly.  I've got Nadelman on my fantasy team, and while he's got a lot of points, it's because USF has just run over teams.  His long on the season are a pair of 44-yarders against Temple, which would be the 4th longest FGs for Quinn.  He should be recognized for his performance this year.

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For Mo. You could see last year he was our best DL even though he didn't start. Would love to see the Lions. Get him. I hate having to pull for JD and Taco wearing the Dallas uniform.


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I'm surprised that Josey Jewell made first team, but Devin Bush did not even make second team. Jewell was owned by Barkley, and Bush is the best linebacker we have had in years. Also I would have thought Winovich may have had a chance. While Gary has the talent he doesn't have the eye popping stats yet to be AA.