Mo and Charles in NBA draft?

Submitted by massblue on March 25th, 2018 at 12:59 PM

Given his recent performance, Charles has moved up the draft boards.  He could move into 1st round with great plays during FF.  At one point he was #9 NBA prospect.  I hope he plays well and returns for one more year.

Mo seems to be locked into the 2nd round and has said that loves the college life.  

I can only imagine how good this team could be next year with both coming back.



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I watch quite a bit of NBA, and there is very little defense played. Teams bring the ball into the front court, pass the ball twice or iso and jack up a 3. Games are finishing like 125-115. Wagner may not be a great defender but he is a stretch big with great skill. He can play in the NBA.


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You clearly don't watch the NBA or simply have no idea what is actually happening. NBA defense is miles ahead of anything you will see in college, and scoring has risen because teams play with more pace and spread the floor.


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Then you’re not watching much NBA basketball then sir! Yeah, if you can get buckets like Harden then coaches may excuse your defense. Other than that the pro game is becoming position-less so on defense every player can switch on the perimeter if needed.


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is that he's an incredibly skilled offensive player with a ton of range. He's 6'11 and has long arms, and has only been playing basketball for 7 or so years which makes him realtively raw among NBA prospects. He tries on defense, he's just not very good right now. It's not a stretch to think he could be an adequate defender given good coaching. It wouldn't surprise me if a team in the bottom of the first round gives him a first round guarantee.


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I would think going too early could hurt him greatly. He has, as we've all seen, had tremendous nights and series of games where he plays extremely well. Then, as many youngsters do, he'll regress for awhile and I think a lot of this is due to not having the confidence his trash talking belies. I think the more experience he gets at a lower level will improve this aspect of his game, along with improved athleticism that age will bring. He would be a project right now and I'd rather see him go at a time where he would be considered more than a good chance of contributing immediately. 

Chalky White

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I thought this was regarded as one of the deepest drafts in years. Michigan is over the limit. Someone on this current team who still has eligibility has to go to the draft or transfer. They have been playing Ibi Watson. I wouldn't think he feels like he's the odd man out. That pretty much leaves Davis. If Matthews and Wagner come back, the defensive continuity alone, makes this the #1 team in the country.

This is a breakdown of the scholarship situation.


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, to Kentucky's 1st year All Americans, to get an idea of how things could play out next year.  Not to mention team basketball vs individual stars.

As for preseason rankings, who cares.  Better to start out the season without a target on the back.  Also, gives the freshman class time to get Beilein's playbook down.


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David DeJulius and Brandon Johns are both Michigan residents.  If one of them qualifies for the Go Blue Guarantee, couldn't they attend U-M tuition free their freshman year and walk-on to the team?  They could convert to a basketball scholarship in their sophomore year.  


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Mo has had poor play against athletic teams recently. He is a nice player, but he doesn't have the athletic upside, lacks a true NBA position, and is having inconsistent to poor performances at best recently. He has reached his ceiling as far as the NBA is concerned and will be a 2nd round pick, whether it is this year or next


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That's pretty much the argument for why he should go, not that I want him to at all. Hopefully he enjoys the colllege experience enough to stay another year. 

But the bigger thing in my mind, is why are we talking about this? I wish we could just enjoy this run for what it is, then deal with potential departures after it's over. I realize that's asking too much, and by replying I'm just furthering this discussion. 

panthera leo fututio

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I'm actually pretty skeptical of the chances for a lot of 2nd-rd-level guys to move up the board by sticking around, but I think that Matthews is someone who actually could do himself a big favor. He's a very good athlete, but probably doesn't have the physical tools to stick in the NBA as a defensive stopper/transition play-maker. He really needs to prove that he can score consistently and become a reliable shooter. He hasn't done that yet, but he definitely could with another year in the system.


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Beilein will make him into a lottery pick with 1 more year. Mo probably won't improve much so could go or stay and either way won't change his draft stock much.


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NBA is a shooters league, and Matthews needs to expand his range to be considered a first round pick. He’s been pretty solid within 6-8 feet lately, but streaky from 3 pt range.


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As shown by the debacle that was MSU vs Syracuse, to beat a zone you need to have a non-guard who can work the foul line and make a pass or a mid-range jumper. Matthews, who ironically struggles with free throws, might be our best shooter in the 8-16 foot range, particularly with a righteous fadeaway.

In the NBA, zone is extremely rare, so that skill is much less valuable there. Additionally, Matthews is our most athletic player, but in the NBA, every team literally has five or more guys as athletic as him.

He needs to work on his off the dribble offensive game, his FTs, and 3-pointers before he's a first round pick. Especially if he does the latter, he could easily be a 3-and-D guy and be a first round pick.

That will be next year, at the soonest.


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Do you just like making everyone miserable or something?? All the happy post and than this douche gotta post something like this. Cant you just be happy??? SMH 

No but on a serious note ya i think Mo is gone for sure. But Matthews not a chance unless we win the national chamionship then maybe. Either way though he is not ready not even close. Still has a lot to work on to improve his game

Perkis-Size Me

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I expect Wagner to declare, but if he came back, coupled with the awesome recruiting class we have coming in, this is easily a preseason top-5 squad heading into next season.

Michigan Philosophy

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Charles Matthews entering the NBA draft would be good for us because the only way that would happen i if he continues to play great and we win the NC. I always want all the players to leave early and get paid, but given how much Wagner and Matthews have improved it is hard to not imagine them sticking around. They got to believe with a little more improvement they are top picks. Imagine if Simpson can improve his shooting in a similar trajectory to MAAR by his sr year...

I'm excited about this team in the near future and next season...


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I highly doubt Matthews goes. He has the potential to be the man next year and drastically increase his stock. Mo could go. I don't know how much more he can increase his stock, but unfortunately for him he is still realistically projected in the 2nd. If both come back then we are in awesome shape next year. I hope they both come back, but I could see Mo going. 


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Beilein was already talking about an expanded role and opportunity for Matthews on next years team during the postgame presser last night. All signs point to him coming back regardless of what happens the rest of the tourney.