MMBB Recruiting news - Trevon Bluiett

Submitted by His Dudeness on April 3rd, 2013 at 3:24 PM

It is being reported on Rivals that the HS coach of one of our main targets - Trevon Bluiett -has been hired by UCLA head coach Steve Alford.

It might be because the HS coach at one point was some sort of assistant for Coach Calipari or it might be a way to get Trevon to commit to UCLA.





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I won't hold my breath waiting for Wichita State to start out recruiting North Carolina even though they've made it three rounds deeper in the tourney.


Regardless, hiring a kid's HS coach is a pretty good way to win his commitment based on anecdotal evidence from the past.


I'd still be most excited about a Booker commit if given a choice of any of the guys we are targeting.


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Or it could be that Steve and Ed are very good friends, who also wrote a book together a while back. It certainly helps them with Trevon, but I doubt that's the only reason. Steve and Ed have known each other for a very long time, not to mention Ed really has made Park Tudor a very good basketball program.


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I don't know if it's because my expectations have changed or if we're just really spoiled with the 2012/13 BBall recruiting classes, but I am not terribly impressed with the film of Trevon Bluiett, Vince Edwards, or Ricky Doyle... Neither Edwards nor Bluiett looks terribly athletic.

Devin Booker looks outstanding, however, but I don't know what our chances are with him. 

Who else is on the board?


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I pretty much share your opinion.  Was hoping to land Kates-Diop and Booker.

The one guy i am SUPER high on though is 2 years away - Luke Kennard.  I think that kid would be a super in Michigan's system.  The guard, Eric Davis of Saginaw, not very impressed by him.  Not sure why he is rated as high as he is.


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I didn't know that we were even in contention/pursuing Looney, but that kid has ridiculous athleticism...

Keita-Bates Diop was a huge loss for us. He could have been the perfect answer to our 4 spot. I agree with you on Luke Kennard, too.... Such a pure scorer.



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If Alford is doing anything but trying to retain current players and signing the class of '13 he is doing it wrong. Also indicative of his top assistant taking the New Mexico job.


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This article talks about the practice that UCLA is doing. Because UCLA hired his high school coach, they are forbidden to recruit him for at least two years. This is the rule: Now, the NCAA is taking the rule a step further by saying coaches may not hire any individual who was "associated" with prospects two years before or after the prospect's "actual or anticipated enrollment." In other words, no more quid and quo, regardless of whether there was a pro. 


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May it turn out every bit as well for UCLA as it did for Michigan when Steve Fisher hired Perry Watson, not knowing that he was part of a package that included Ed Martin.