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For the Wisconsin game tomorrow, the Michigan Marching Band Halftime Show is called "Express Yourself" - The Power of Dance!

I bring this up because my boss’s daughter is a freshman and choreographed the dance routine.  She is also the main dancer in the show.  He’s in town from New Jersey, so I got Friday off (almost) to spend time here.  That’s my cool story for today.

Other game day activities are here: - which includes:

  • Special Operations Command “Para-Commandos” will jump into the stadium prior to the game.
  • The Softball Team will be recognized for winning the Big Ten championship
  • The Water Polo Team will be recognized for winning the conference championship and finishing fourth in the NCAA Championship
  • Mark Donahue, John Urbanchek, Kate Johnson and Lorne Howes will be honored as they are inducted into the Michigan Hall of Honor.


Mark McBoneski

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From the MMB newsletter:

The Michigan Marching Band (MMB) welcomes you all to the fifth installment in a marathon of Michigan home football games in the Big House! After last week’s exciting collaboration with the School of Music, Theatre & Dance (SMTD) Department of Musical Theatre and its Percussion Studio, the MMB is proud to collaborate again with the SMTD Department of Dance and the Michigan Dance Team. Saturday we’ll present our halftime performance Express Yourself! Under the direction of Drs. John Pasquale and Andrea Brown, the MMB will celebrate dance as a means of self-expre­ssion.


The first act will introduce the show and set the tone with Madonna’s 1989 single “Express Yourself” from her album Like a Prayer. The medley moves on to Nile Rodgers’ “The King’s Motorcade Theme,” featured in the 1988 movie Coming to America starring Eddie Murphy. This act finishes with Perez Prado’s “Mambo No. 8,” one of the King of Mambo’s most famous compositions.


The second act combines queens of pop Madonna and Beyoncé. We will begin with Madonna’s “La Isla Bonita” from her 1987 album True Blue, a song which established Madonna at that time with the record for most number one singles among female artists. Fast-forwarding almost 30 years, we move on to Beyoncé’s “Freedom” featuring Kendrick Lamar from her most recent album, Lemonade. This song gained popul­arity after it was performed at the 2016 BET awards.


In the final act of our show, Madonna’s “Express Yourself” makes a recurrence and there will be a special celebration on the field. Madonna’s music has paved the way for today’s pop stars with messages of female empowerment and self-confidence. The MMB faculty, staff and students sincerely want to thank the SMTD Department of Dance for sharing their time and talent with us. We hope you will enjoy the dancing and will sing along with us to Express Yourself!


After the game, fans are encou­raged to stay in Michigan Stadium and listen to the post-game perfo­rmance by the band, which will include selec­tions from the halftime show as well as tradi­tional favor­ites.



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More importantly, who is the Veteran of the game? That is easily becoming my favorite in game timeout feature. The stories they have are incredible and you can tell they are thrilled to be there. It's a very cool thing that they put together.

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My friend (first time to the Big House) and I will be at the game tomorrow. It's been a few years since I've been there. It looks like the MMB march to the field happens at 2:30. From Elbel Field? If I remember right, the band on the field and banner are just before kickoff.

Does anyone have any recommendations about other pre-game activities other than tailgating? Is the Fan Fest worth seeing? What time/place do the players arrive?

Thanks for any advice!


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A guy that I work with mentioned to me that his boss, has a daughter who is a freshman and was going to choreograph the dance routine.  She is also the main dancer in the show. 

I wish I could have been there to see it.