MLive article on Caris LeVert

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Nice article on Caris. I am guessing he will be working his ass off to make the most of the opportunity to help lead this team and get to the NBA.…

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Nice article. He knows what he has to do and what this opportunity means to him.

I think it's also what's so nice about having a "system" and some success with the program. Instead of one major superstar that carries a program to a few Final Fours, there is now a culture of player development and major physical transformations over the summer.

Half the battle is having a plan and believing that it's truly possible. And having the system and a few guys go right before him on that same path of player development will be huge. He doesn't have to reinvent the wheel here, just he the "next guy" up in the system.

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that I didn't realize or remember that Feagin ever appeared in a game.  I arrived in Aruba the day of the Minn game and flew home the day after the NW game, and that was before I had a smartphone so I was oblivious.  Plus I chose going to see the Twilight movie with my wife instead of watching the OSU game (nobody had offered me a free root canal that day) so I didn't watch any of the three games Feagin played.  It sure nice that Michigan is back to winning all the time again.


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It can be argued, though, that LeVert’s freshman-to-sophomore improvement was more impressive than that of Stauskas.

The stats provided actually provide a reather compelling case for this, I would say. When you're talking about in-game averages for FGM, 3FGM, made 2-pointers and the like which jump, in most cases, 8% to 12% year-to-year, that is one hell of an improvement on a season really. I wouldn't expect as dramatic an increase this coming season, of course, but it will be fun to watch how LeVert's game as evolved since April despite the injury. 

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Caris in many ways is the most Beilein recruit...didn't turn 18 until after he arrived on campus, underdeveloped physically but highly skilled, successful high school player (state champ as Sr) but not highly recruited, 40% 3pt shooter, etc.  I guess this staff really does like guys with long arms.  Having a wingspan 3" more than your height is notable.  I don't think I've ever heard of a guy with a 7" differential.