Mke Journal-Sentinel: Carlos Hyde scored below literacy level on Wonderlic

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According to a pro scout's report in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Hyde’s Wonderlic score was 9.  Given that 10 is the minimal literacy level, you wonder who Carlos has to thank at Ohio for his great academic achievement.   Maybe he can credit Urban Meyer, who was so tough on Carlos.

Once, Meyer kept Carlos out for two whole plays after an unspecified “academic infraction”. Oddly, Hyde’s performance turned out to be “the third-best rushing performance in Ohio State history.

Meyer said about Carlos  “"He's fine. He has been great and I expect him to be great again. I have no problem with Carlos….(but) "Academically our guys are held to a certain standard,"

Since a 9 score on the Wonderlic does not meet the standard for basic literacy (10), you have to wonder what exactly was the standard of Meyer and Ohio .   (think North Carolina)




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Sad thing is it's not. That is actually how their school cheer goes. "O-H! Y-O!* Ohio! For kids who can't read, uh, Good!"



*they have had quite a bit of issue spelling Ohio right in the past. Where is that pic of the flags in the wrong order?


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And Manningham scored a 6. I like piling on OSU for pretty much any reason, so I get a great laugh at this, but let's not pretend that the Wonderlic for a few kids is a reflection of the academic standards at OSU.


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But these low literacy scores are becoming a habit at Ohio--recall Carlos Hyde, Terrelle Pryor, Chris Gamble--just to mention a few.  Couple this with the twitter report from an Ohio qb, cardale jones, that he was there to play FB, not to study.  As already noted on this thread, Adophus Washington said "there's no way you can fail" at Ohio.  Also, think of the earlier allegations of a teaching assistant as well as multiple players (like Clarret) that they did not have to go to class or take the same tests as other students.  

So yes, most schools can have a problem on a single test.  But at Ohio there may be much more.


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Andy Katzenmoyer?

From Sports Illustrated.

"The letter also questioned how Katzenmoyer, who it claimed had earned a 1.72 average or lower in five of his seven semesters, was "suddenly able to perform at the scholar-athlete level (3.0)" for the first summer term, and how he'd been squeezed into the golf class, which was full."


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There was a study published a few years ago that showed that there was not much of a positive correlation between Wonderlic score and NFL success, aside from the QB position, I believe.

The study actually found a negative correlation between scores and success for certain positions (namely DB), meaning that the lower the score a player scored on the test, the higher the likelihood of NFL success.

turd ferguson

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I hate to be this guy, partly because there's little I enjoy more than shitting on OSU, but mocking players' Wonderlic scores always seems a little harsh and unfair to me.  It's basically just calling them stupid without any context (for how hard they try to learn, whether they grew up with good educational opportunities, what happened on the test, etc.). 

On the other hand, ...

Adolphus Washington saying, "The academic support at Ohio State, there is no way you can fail. Even if you're giving minimal effort there is no way you can fail."  

... and Cardale Jones saying, "We ain't come to play school, classes are pointless."

... and Terrelle Pryor saying, "Not everybody's the perfect person in the world. I mean everyone kills people, murders people, steals from you, steals from me, whatever."

That shit's just funny.



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I am pretty sure that - sadly - this is not the worst score to come out of the combines in recent years. I believe that Terrelle Pryor scored a 7 as did Tavon Austin. I think Morris Claiborne might be in the record books for the combines of recent note with his 4 actually. Frank Gore scored a 6, I think, in his draft. Still, there has to be some context to all of this, whether it be known issues with schools or individuals or sheer indifference. 

I could be wrong, but I had read somewhere that some teams actually target scores based on position. I would have to think that a 9 is below all of them. However, given the talk surround Hyde from scouts, there are still several teams that would take him all the same. 


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NFL team takes zero stock on Wonderlic test.  There are some players who just don't give a shit and just put down whatever answers they feel like without trying.  It's 99.9% for sure that Hyde is in the same boat.


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why was he having an academic problem at Ohio? 

Surely, a test score can be low because a player does not care, but how much do you think that player cares about even more strenous academic activities--like going to college?  Is such a player likely to satisfy eligibility requirements? 

Such problems cannot be easily swept under the rug any more.


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The Wonderlic only marginally matters for QBs.  You'd like your guys to do well bc it correlates to learning a playbook. 

Pryor did poorly and did okay as a QB in Oakland.