Mixed feelings from David Cornwell (2014 QB)

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David Cornwell seems to be somewhat disappointed with how Michigan handled the offer to Wilton. I am assuming there is no way Michigan is getting both Cornwell and Wilton? I am aware and prepared to get the Twitter Haters usual responses of "why do you look at high school kids twitters" but today's signing day is a bit slow for Michigan...


Tough Deal today thought Michigan would at least tell me. Still plan in calling at 12 today



Not saying I would have committed to Michigan, but they were defiantly towards the top



Proud of my man @WiltonSpeight great to get to know him over the last week we will see each other soon!



Will come out with a new top 5 tonight, calls with Michigan, Tennessee, Bama, Virginia Tech today



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I've been hearing that a lot too and I'm not sure I agree with that rumored philosophy. We are not 100% sure Gardner gets his medical redshirt, so if he leaves next year, that leaves Bellomy, Morris, Speight, and maybe a walk-on roster spot filler. Maybe it's just me but that's not a lot of eggs in the basket...


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I have no problem with any of those tweets and TBH I don't see how he's in the wrong expecting to hear this from the coaches rather than over social media.  Interested to see what comes out of the noon call, and it may just be the coaches weren't sure if Speight would commit right away and were planning to offer all three.


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Calm down, I'm just saying the kid has a right to be a little disappointed in how he heard.  The coaches could have worked out different timing or asked Wilton to keep things to himself for a little bit, there were any number of things that could have been done.  Not saying they're right or wrong, just saying if it was me I'd probably react the same way that Cornwell did and I think he's justified in feeling that way.  

Now the call will probably put things right, but.......it could have been handled differently.

Once again, calm down.


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Also possible conversation:

"Hi David, this is Coach Borges, we really like you and would like to offer you the opportunity to attend the University of Michigan."

also possible conversation:

"Hi David, this is Coach Borges, I really like Nachos, do you?"

also possible conversation:

"Hi David, this is Coach Borges, I think it's really creepy when recruiting bloggers take pictures off girls' facebook pages and post them as cheesecake on their blog."

also possible conversation:

"Hi David, thsi is coach Borges, what do you think of Django Unchained?"

My point?

We don't know. Neither, prior to the conversation, does David.


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Since you're choosing to be obtuse here, let me explain it more clearly:

The coaches could have called him prior to offering Speight WITHOUT telling them that Speight was getting the offer.  That would be a way to let the other guys know they weren't getting offered right now, but not letting the cat out of the bag.

Also, you keep insisting that the coaches were going to call him to tell him in an hour or so, but all indications are that he was supposed to call them.  He's having to go to them for info, not the other way around.

Again, I'm not saying they should have done this, but there are other ways to go about it to perhaps save some "hurt feelings" by finding out through the media.  When you're one of three guys, it's not impossible to call the unlucky two.


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 It's understandable the kid was disappointed if they are only taking one QB, but this was national signing day , the staff had press conferences and obvisouly a new recruit givng them a verbal commit. I'm sure any phone calls that needed to be placed where made later in the day or today.


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Maybe they were going to offer Cornwell today.  I think they force ranked their top three and let Wilton know he was number 1 earlier in the week.  They contacted him this morning to give him the first shot at commiting.  If he decided to wait, then Cornell and maybe even O'Connor would have been offered during their scheduled phone calls with the staff.

If they only offered one guy today, what would happen if he decided to commit elsewhere?  They would be at a disadvantage with the other QBs.



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"The coaches could have called him prior to offering Speight WITHOUT telling them that Speight was getting the offer."

Really?  Why?  Why would coaches tell their second or third choices they aren't getting an offer prior to making sure their first target is on board?

Dumbest thing I've seen on these boards today.

ND Sux

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and I wouldn't take someone's pic and re-use it myself.  That said, don't put things on a public forum that you don't want others to access, or at least make your photos "friends only" or something. 

On another note, have you seen some of the pictures out there?  I'm betting most of these girls don't GAF if someone re-posts them or not.  Seems as though they like the attention, and they're flaunting their stuff on purpose. 

I don't feel that strongly about it either way, just a couple of observations. 


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Ive been wondering if there might be some intangibles the coaches see in Speight that we don't know about. Hoke has said repeatedly that the QB has to be one of the leaders of the team. Not that Cornwell wouldn't be but the fact that Speight wants to get on board ASAP could say something about his commitment for Michigan. We've seen how contagious that can be in the 2013 class with Shane. Hopefully Speight is that charismatic sort as well since he's right in Hand's backyard. That said, I think if Cornwell decided he still wants to be part of the class they would take him despite what they may have said initially. The coaches love competition and it would be foolish to turn down 2 top flight guys like that when they're aren't as many glaring needs as in the last couple years.


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When I saw yesterday that UM had a call to Speight set up in the morning and The other two QB's in the afternoon I knew that in case a kid jumped at his offer they wanted Spaight to be the first call.

Clarence Boddicker

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...if Helsinki visited him last week and saw him toss live, then that workout clearly must've dispelled any doubts about his arm strength for the coaches. Sounds like a kid with strong leadership potential as well, which fits with the profile Hoke and co. are clearly looking to recruit. What I love about this staff is the amount of homework they put in on recruiting. More than just film study and recruiting off the Rivals/Scout/ESPN 100 lists, they spend a lot of time developing the relationships that can indentify character issues. Sure Demar Dorsey looks like a recruiting coup on signing day, but what does that mean if he never plays for you? A lot of high school coaches have commented on the Michigan staff's due diligence, and the info our coaches get is not something we're privy too. And you can go back over star-recruiting day monster classes and find PLENTY that did not pan out--including the classes Meyer put together at Florida after Matteson left. I'll take our coaches opinion  over Mangus' on this one.



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I feel for the kid. I can't imagine the crushing disappointment something like this could bring. Yeah maybe he turned the opportunity to commit on the spot but even if we were his number one choice, that's still a very difficult decision to make so quickly.

Also where did we hear this commit on the spot stuff first? The strategy doesn't make a ton of sense if I'm to assume we may have passed on our number one kid to pressure another. Super high risk, something like that begs for a decommitment down the road. I think more likely Speight is the actual number one and showed some good stuff we haven't seen when he threw for the coaches, unless the coaches are massively paranoid about not landing anyone at all.

814 East U

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It is a risk but with such a small class I would take 1 QB. I would like a class like USC (MOAR 5 STARS) this year...except for the whole part about half of them NOT wanting to be there after they initially committed. 


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Cornwell: More than likely the coaches at Michigan are going to offer me, but I'm not going to commit.

Speight: Even if I don't get the offer, I'm true blue and would love to run the Michigan offense someday.

If their abilities are even close to comparable, I like the call to snag Sp8.


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Is the one I'm not getting, he has us in his top 3 and is the 2nd rated QB on the board for 2014...these other 2 are not really even ranked and considered middle of the road, Henderson will either end up at MSU or OSU if we're done w QB's!!! Not really feeling or understanding this one.