Mitch in a suit

Submitted by notYOURmom on December 21st, 2013 at 7:46 PM
Reporting from Brooklyn, Warm ups have started but Mitch is in a suit. Not going to play :(



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As I said in the Stanford preview thread, Brian's campaign to say 2013 was this all-out nightmare is pretty weird. We went to the national title game in basketball this year and if you can name a win in Michigan athletics in the last decade that came in a more thrilling nature than that Kansas game, I'd love to hear it.

It sucks we lost a fantastic title game, but quite frankly, it's hard to see any of my teams in sports giving me a thrill like I experienced during this past March Madness. Perhaps not for a very long time.



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It's not about the level of success, it is about the heartbreak. We've been so close to happiness so many times... Losing the National Championship after having a big lead, losing to Ohio State by a failed 2pt, losing out on the #1 recruit despite being heavily favored, having a preseason all-american only to have him hampered by injury all season thus far ... happiness has been one step away all 2013, but we just can't latch on.


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I think that there was a quote from Beilein just the other day that stated (perhaps reiterated, as we knew about the back issues), that Mitch was not 100%. It wasn't encouraging, to be sure, but I think there might have been terms and conditions, if you will, on McGary's playing time throughout the opening stretch here. Hopefully, he gets some rest here going into the holiday and we can see him when conference play starts up. 

Naked Bootlegger

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After reading the UMHoops JB interview and his most recent statements about Mitch's multiple injuries, I guess this isn't a surprise.   BUT STILL SUCKS!!   This also partially explains Mitch's rebounding performance against 'Zona.

Time for Horford and Morgan to perform against a large Stanford lineup.

Naked Bootlegger

December 22nd, 2013 at 2:08 PM ^

OK.  I will refrain from making excuses for Mitch in the future.   Back pain.   Thigh contusion.   Inability to jump and explode as much as normal.   He should've PERFORMED.   The dude gave it his best against Arizona, but I guess his best wasn't good enough...for you (did I just rip off some lyrics from a song?).

03 Blue 07

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I have a buddy who played college football who is 6'9 and, when he was 19, weighed around 285. Let me tell you, it's hard as all hell for guys that big to get clothes. We went clothes shopping once around that time (he's like 330 now and in his 30's). Their only options are a Big and Tall store/catalog/internet site for regular clothes. For a suit like McGary has, I suspect it was custom made for him, judging by the way it fits him on tv. Makes sense: Probably hard to get like a 36 waist with a 42  inch inseam off the rack; that'd be like a "44...super, super, extra athletic cut" suit. 


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It's all about the Big Ten season at this point. Assuming he sits out the meaningless game with Holy Cross next week, that's a 19-day rest heading into conference play. Heal up, big guy. We'll need you a lot more then than we do now.


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Fortunately, the committee cares a lot more about your conference season and the form you are showing by March. These games would have been nice to win, but ultimately, having a bust of a non-conference season means very little. We know we have the potential to be very good and there should be little doubt that the team will find a groove this winter.