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This is a picture of mitch mcgary in the stands, he is the big guy with the blue michigan tee and yellow towel (not the guy with the hat, that is zack novak)… picture number 8 if it doesnt link it right.


Found this tweet to go along with it

maxaiden max
by umhoops
@umhoops Sat frnt row w/ McGary at FB game. He went nuts all game,Sang Victors. B4 he left, jumped around w/ us n rain talkn abt "next year"



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Hey, that's my tweet!

Obviously, I don't know what he does and says on his visits elsewhere. But I sat and chatted with him, Novak, and Hardaway from the first rain delay forward and I'd be shocked if he didn't end up at Michigan.

Real nice, funny kid.

Seemed more excited than I was when I asked him to take a picture:



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Agreed. I also saw Coach Beilein driving a golf cart with recruits in it checking out all the pregames. This could bode well for McGary since he has previously stated he wants to go to a school with a big football program.


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I also saw coach Beilein drivng a limo-style golf cart with recuits in it checking out all of the pregames. This could bode well for McGary because he has previously stated he would like to go to a school with a serious football program, something Duke is lacking. Also, was Steve Elmer visiting? I saw a kid who looked like him, but didn't look very big.


Check out my other thoughts:


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When I took a picture with him, he was taller than me and I'm 6'6. He seemed to be having a good time, he was standing outside of a concession stand waiting for some water. I was going to let him wait in line with me (a chat-cut) so he wouldn't have to wait, but then I remembered I forgot my wallet, so I couldn't have even gotten him a water, I know we all needed it today!


Mr. Yost

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It's definitely a secondary violation!


I work in athletics...ahhh, fans like this kill me. I know you mean well, but you can't buy a frickin recruit ANYTHING!


Just what Michigan needs, losing a recruit because the NCAA Compliance office is looking into things because a kid got a water.


And don't POST it online. I mean, it's a violation, and I'm sure it happens EVERYWHERE. But don't post it.


We've had basketball players go to the Cafe, their ID not work and the student working the gate/cash register waive them in because they know the kid is a basketball player. Those kids can NOT eat/drink ANYTHING! It's crazy, I know. But it's still a violation.


*this is not to the OP that got me on this rant* But everyone, really, let the coaches do the recruiting. The last thing Michigan needs is being on ESPN because some guy wanted an autograph in exchange for a pizza and a coke.


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NCAA by-law 36.5.8 states that it must be a mineral water or vitamin fortified to be a secondary violation.

If it was flavored water, we're talking about a major violation.


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I didn't really grill him since the guys sitting on his other side kept jawing about how Darius is an idiot for leaving and other dumb stuff like that.  I told Novak they need to take him to go see some good-looking girls instead of these fanboys; he laughed and replied that'd happen later.

I asked him about his official visits; he told me he is allowed to take 10 (instead of the usual 5) since he took a year off after high school.  "You're gonna hate me for this, but I'm going to Duke next weekend."  I asked, "Are you visiting anywhere more than once?"  He replied, "No, but I'll be back at Michigan for camp in [whatever month it was]."

He was going batshit crazy on all the big Michigan plays, waiving his towel and giving out high-fives.  He, like the rest of the student section, clealy enjoyed the rain, too.  He sang and fist-pumped along with The Victors. He even tried to start a cheer, but his "LET'S GO BLU-UE" wasn't very catchy.

Finally, right before he and the others left, I asked him to take a picture with me.  He seemed really excited, throwing his arm around me and joking around.  I got a little too excited and started slapping him on the shoulder. He cringed a little, and I remembered that his shoulder had gotten cut up pretty badly when he broke that backboard.  I apologized, but he just thought it was funny.  After the picture, we all started jumping around a little bit, yelling "Go Blue!" and whatever else.  He said several things to the effect of "I'll see you guys next year!" and then left.

We spotted him walking across the field several minutes later during the second rain delay, and I shouted out to him. He turned around, shouted something back and waived.

I think we'll see him in maize and blue.


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I know for a fact McGary wants to go to a school that has a big football program. That being said the only other school in his top 6 with a solid football team is Florida. It looks like he had a great time at the game and hopefully everyone who saw him there told him we need him in blue next year. 


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Great great insight! Most people see us as an underdog in the "mcgary race" but this is a good sign.  Let's hope every visit doesn't sweep him off his feet like this one and he doesn't decide off of the last good emotion he feels, which gets a lot of recruits.


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and do you see the one of the most amazing things? That's right Kelvin Grady arms spread wide open looking to the sky right in the middle...WOW thats pretty powerful...its like he is in a world by himself.