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Early in 2011, McGary posted this journal entry, in which he said, "My parents want me to stay close home so they could watch me so they would want me to go to Indiana." He goes on to say that Indiana might be the best fit for him after earlier saying that Texas was his favorite school—his "dream school." Nowhere in the entry does he say he wants to stay close to home.

Just yesterday, he provided his own thoughts on the matter, in a Louisville Courier-Journal article (emphasis added):

"I have to have a great relationship with the head coach, location doesn’t matter but I just want to be a good fit with the school," McGary said.

True Blue Grit

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recruit in a very long time.  You'd probably have to go back to the Fab 5.  Obviously at Michigan he'd be an instant starter and get a lot of minutes.  At most of the other schools on his list,  they're loaded with McDonald's All-America 5* players.  So,  he'll have to share playing time a lot more.  And I'll stack up our academics with any of those schools, Duke included.  With a player like McGary, Michigan could accomplish some great things over the probable two years he'd stay.  With a lineup having THJ, GRIII, Burke, Morgan, and a very good bench, this team could go deep into the tournament.  Getting McGary on campus for a 2nd visit is big I think.  So, we'll have to wait and see how this all plays out. 


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He has the ability to truly jump start this program into greatness. (I think we're already heading there, but it just wouldn't be next year) With him I think our team truly would be dominant and would be the step to get us back to greatness. Our starting Lineup would be great, but we would also have very good depth.


And none of that mentions the fact the he fits perfectly into the beilein system. He could be dominant down low but can also hit the mid to long range jumper.


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This board always seems to forget about AA's own Lavell Blanchard when talking about highly rated recruits.  I believe he was Gatorade's National POY and a first team AA on many other lists.   He committed during a dark time and put in 4 outstanding years.