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called the edit button. Perhaps if you read the second comment (which was posted by the OP), you would figure out that he made a mistake and then changed it. 

Also, I didn't realize that explaining the reasoning behind a posters comment (that seemed obvious to many others, but somehow eluded you) would make me said posters boyfriend....that's pretty mature. 


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Feels good to see Michigan listed in that group.  As a reminder, a quote from Sam's article a week ago:


"I would probably like to commit before this high school season starts so I can just get it out of the way and play," McGary said. "I am just looking for the school that best fits me. I would like to play right away. It doesn't matter if a school is high-major or mid-major. I am just looking for a school that has great academics, a great head coach, and is a place where I have a good relationship with everybody."

Blue boy johnson

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Being considered as a one and done is a reflection of his talent level, not an indication of his scholastic desires. Sullinger was a one and done talent but decided he liked college enough to come back for a second go round. College can be a great time, as some of us know all too well, who wants to finish in 4 years when you can take 5 or 6 years

Blue boy johnson

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this seems to indicate less than 99% NBA lockout driven

In an interview in December, Satch Sullinger predicted this. He had used the specter of a possible N.B.A. lockout as a reason. But on Sunday, he said that the potential lockout did not factor into the decision. In fact, he said he had barely discussed the N.B.A. with his son. Satch Sullinger said his son had two goals. The first was to win a national title, which Ohio State was favored to do this season, coming into the N.C.A.A. tournament as the No. 1 overall seed. “That’s exactly why he’s coming back,” Satch said. “He’s coming back because his goal is to win a national championship. He’s won A.A.U. and high school championships, and he wants to win a national championship.”

Sac Fly

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You can pull up as many mock drafts as you want but that doesn't change anything, look past the hype. NBA starting centers are in the range of 6'10-7'0. Do you honestly think that a GM wants a guy who is 3 inches smaller than everyone else? You put jarred sullinger against an average center and they're going to put up 20-10 on a nightly basis. He isn't even big enough to play the 4 spot.

Blue boy johnson

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You stated he was going to be a 2nd round pick, do you have anything from anyone to back that up. Not saying you are wrong, but.... I haven't seen anyone else that agrees with you.

I don't really consider it hype, it is pretty much a consensus, that he is a top 10 pick, even a top 5 pick. Could you please provide a link backing up your assertion that he was going to be a 2nd round pick in last years draft.


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Though it ought to be said, aside from UK, those are all quality schools, as opposed to simply basketball programs with schools attached. The three at the top of his list, if it is indeed in order, are also the ones who have been less relevant of late (normal ups and downs aside) on the national stage...with us at the rear of that pack. Maybe he really doesn want to be part of a rebirth rather than another one and done chapter in an ongoing legacy. It's nice to think so, at least.



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All the reports on this say his list is not in any order.

Also: It might appear that UNC, Duke, and Kentucky are Michigan's biggest competitors for McGary. But don't discount Maryland—McGary has said more than once that they are the school recruiting him the hardest.

Mitch Cumstein

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I think his criteria should be which one of his top 6 schools hasn't won an NCAA championship in the longest time.


Edit: Also, to add some potentially non-worthless information to this post.  If I recall, Sam Webb may have said that playing somewhat close to home could be important to him b/c he wants his family to be able to watch him.  Being the only b10 school in the mix could be a good thing.


double edit: Although Kentuck might be just as close to Michigan for him.  I'm no expert on "geography".


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If he's sincere about going to a school with strong academics, UK is the clear "one of these things is not like the other" on his list. If you want to believe his desire for strong academics (and why not, five of the six schools on that list are high quality) and the distance element, we might have a good shot.