Mitch McGary to Play HS Game at Duke

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Mark Watson
Brewster Academy with  # Duke prospect Mitch McGary vs. Arlington Country Day on December 17th in Cameron Indoor Stadium for Clash in Cameron!
Sounds like something Calipari would do.  This can't help our chances.



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this just pushes the envelope with respect to HS recruiting.  on a visit, you aren't allowed to "simulate gameday atmosphere" for a prospect.  but if you invite his HS team to play in your gym and fill the stands with your cameron crazies, you can probably get away with it.

i mentioned calipari because i could easily see guys like him or the former coach bruce pearl getting creative in this way.  i figured coach k would be above that.  i was wrong.


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Colleges inviting teams to experience their fans/facility, under the guise of supporting HS athletics - but really to make these players feel like stars and cultivate a gameday experience.

I am not suprised that Duke is doing this, I am sure there is some really nice PR put together on it. 

Then again, if we did a HS football game or two in the Big House during our BYE week... I think this blog would trumpet it as helping local HS teams, etc.

THAT SAID, his school is in frick'n INDIANA!

Steve in PA

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I hope to read something along these lines in a few years regarding Duke BB.

It seems to be quite similar to what they are doing.  As someone mentioned earlier, they (like Calapari) are walking right up to the edge of illegal.  The only difference is Calapari is quite willing to keep going if necessary.


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Do you have any idea if the Brewster-Arlington game is just a single game or is it part of a larger slate of high school games being played at Cameron that day or weekend? It's not that unusual for these prep schools to participate in multi-game invitationals held at college sites. Brewster is participating in the National Prep School Invitational on Nov. 19 and 20 at the University of Rhode Island, and they also will be playing a game at Rupp Arena (speaking of Calipari) on January 8 as part of the Kentucky Showdown.


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Which is why this isn't too concerning. McGary may have pushed decision back but by all accounts is still planning to sign then. He's visited Duke so it isn't as if he hasn't seen Cameron. Won't be playing there until after he signs.

IF he doesn't sign in November for some reason then yeah this would be concerning.


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Yeah, this reminds me of Alabama conducting their Capital One Bowl practices at Dr. Phillips HS in Orlando last year and spending a bunch of money to update the schools facilities while they were recruiting Clinton-Dix (already committed at the time) and Dee Hart (ended up signing with Bama).


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If he's truly intent on playing only one year, he'll want to go to a program that's at elite status right now, not one that's still in the latter stages of a rebuilding phase.


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It appears Bleid Sports (@matthewmoyer70) is organizing this "Clash at Cameron."  So I don't know if that helps Duke get around the rule.  They are letting someone else use their gym for a tournament, and it just happens to have teams of top recruits Duke is targeting.

They are now talking about adding another game for Brewster on the 16th as well.


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This isn't that unusual.  HS games are played on college campuses all the time.  More of a coincidence than anything.  I don't think the Duke athletic department would go through all this trouble over one kid just so they can have a slight recruiting advantage.


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The NCAA always gives Duke as many breaks as they can, because they want to promote the "student-athlete" angle.  In the NCAA promo machine, Duke "proves" that a school can have "authentic student-athletes" who achieve both on and off the court.  

Besides Duke being able to get away with gray area violations like this, they also get to play "Duke Defense."  That is the biggest advantage they have.  They can do things on defense that everyone who plays them gets called for when they do it.  

When it becomes so painfully obvious that analysts feel it to be their duty to mention it, they make excuses for the refs and NCAA.  They usually say things like, "when a school has a reputation for playing hard defense, sometimes the officials miss a call or two."  What they are really saying is that Duke can mug anyone else on defense, but you will get called for touch fouls if you try to do the same thing.    

Duke does whatever they want, and the NCAA conveniently looks the other way.  Dog bites man.


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When you make a very accusational argument, you normally use examples or data to back it up.  I'd like to see some data.

Refs really don't have an agenda.  I can see the NCAA having one, but what you're saying is that either the refs have an agenda, which they keep to themselves (but...what's the incentive) or the NCAA is telling them to do it.  If the NCAA really has a program in place to cheat for Duke, then how do they get the refs to comply?  I mean, they have to give the refs an incentive right?  What is that?  A bribe, forcing refs to knowingly cheat?  Point is, if the NCAA has some conspiracy, they'd have to force the refs to comply.

I really don't think that refs have been forced to cheat for Duke for upteen years, and not one of them has said a thing about it.  I call bs.


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In the state of Michigan, the Breslin Center gets all of the HS semis and finals now.  It used to be split between the two cities, but someone at MSU figured out what a great recruiting advantage it would be for elite players to play the one or two biggest games of their lives on their floor.  

That needs to be changed as soon as the modernizing of Crisler is finished.  The MHSAA must come back to Ann Arbor on either Fridays or Saturdays to level the playing field between the two schools.  We don't know how much of an effect it had because of the Ed Martin fallout, but Sparty has done a lot better since almost every elite prospect in Michgan has played a very important game on their court.

I hope the AD finds time in between all of his work "maximizing revenue" to do something about it.  


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You're really advocating that all the players, coaches and fans have to move their games to Ann Arbor after playing in EL because it's not fair that they get to play at a 1/3 filled Breslin Center?  And you really think that players commit to Sparty because they're allowed to play a game or two on their court?  There is no doubt that MSU has had far and away the better basketball program over the past decade.  Elite players decide on elite programs, not just because they got a game on a court.  I got to spend a week in MSU's campus living in the dorm a few summers ago and had a blast.  It didn't mean I wanted to go to State though.


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I don't really mind that though. Would I like every other year for the game to come here? yes. But this mcgary situation is totally different. They are handpicking teams with players that they are highly recruiting and having them go there. The state championship isn't handpicked, its just the best teams. Also, we'll see how the whole duke thing plays out and see if any duke students go and cheer on the recruits. I have been to the championship games at breslin for HS and no students go to cheer on recruits, which is how it should be. Not to mention, the championship games are so far into the winter that recruiting is long done for the seniors.


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Where do you (and the other posters here) get the idea that Duke is picking the teams playing at this event? As someone else noted above, Bleid Sports is the company that is organizing the Clash at Cameron, which will include about 20 teams in total from across the country. Bleid Sports has on its schedule of events numerous other invitationals it is organizing at various college sites across the country. I've been unable to confirm this, but I'm quite certain that the colleges whose arenas are used for these events are not involved in any way in deciding what teams partcipate. There's nothing shady about this.


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is just as underhanded as the rest of the ruthless coaches in college sports.  He just hides it better adn wears a better suit.  Between the NCAA protecting he and his program, the army of lawyers that Duke probably has on retainer keep the legals from sniffing around the program.


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Duke fan here and I have to say that I respect Michigan.  Big college basketball fan and I watch other teams besides Duke so I am not totally a homer but I have always been a true Dukie.  To clear the record though Mcgary(Brewster Academy) will be playing in Durham on Dec.17 at North Carolina Central University not Cameron Indoor Stadium.  Last yr. Oak Hill, Christ School and other big name Highschools played here as well as they do at the Dean Dome in other High school basketball events.  This has been going on for yrs. in NC, not unusual here.  Duke and Coach K are not pulling somekind of recruiting trick here this is normal.  Bleid Sports has been doing this for a while.  Just wanted to clear that up.  Duke wants Mcgary just as bad as Michigan and UNC, no slick moves on anybody's part.  I believe that UM has just as much as a chance as Duke and UNC also.  I personally would like to see UM basketball program regain its strength from the 90's and start back playing Duke home and home every yr.  Peace out and good luck on the 2011-2012 season.