Mitch McGary out tomorrow...& how much longer?

Submitted by PB-J Time on November 7th, 2013 at 10:10 PM

Mitch McGary has officially been ruled out for tomorrow (which any of you watching Oregon vs. Stanford know). This is not surprising to me or likely too many other people as he has not been consistently practicing & has suited up in a very different way in the exhibition games.

My question is: does anyone know his status? Aside from the immediate 'he won't play tomorrow' do we know what he is dealing with? As previously noted here (I forget by whom but perhaps Ace) he has a "back problem" or "issue" but I've not seen the word "injury". This concerns me for a more chronic condition that could cut into a significant part of this season. Or worse...(EDIT: I see now that posting guesses of an amateur athletes diagnosis is inappropriate. Sorry. This was not my intention with this thread. Thank you to LSA for a genuine response)

Obvious statement is obvious that we are a much different team with much different goals if he is a full go. So could anyone help shine light off the situation?

I of course hope for his sake & future as well as for this year's team that he is just dealing with some spasms or something & will be back soon.

Meta EDIT: & now the banner add to the left is from 'Lasik Spine Institute' : "Suffering from Spinal Stenosis?" <smh>



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Where did you come up with ank spond from? I can almost guarantee that's not it. It's likely a herniation or extrusion and should get better with PT and whatever other therapies he's getting.

PB-J Time

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I didn't...was an idea thrown out by my wife. I'm sorry because I didn't intend for this to be an armchair diagnosis thread, but just trying to ask a detailed question (& also pointing out a 'worse case scenario')

I agree with you that HNP or something of the sort would be more likley, but it is interesting that no one seems to have heard that an injury occured, & this just happened with bad timing (although the week before the B1G tourney I suppose would be worse)


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JB said he would shut down McGary until B10 play if it came to that. Seems like nobody really knows (including McGary himself and the coaches), so at this point I'm just hoping he's ready to go for conference play. I can handle dropping a game or two to Iowa St or Duke, as unpleasant as that sounds.


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The sister of a friend of mine at work (who recently quit) is in a relationship with Mitch. Once I found out, I of course asked about his condition and status. What he told me two weeks ago was that is was worse than what was being reported. He didn't know much outside of that general statement, but it didn't sound good. 

Even if he does come back, he may not have the same energy and play style as he did last year. 


November 8th, 2013 at 8:19 AM ^

Seems fishy. 

My sources say he is close.  Source being medical staff of the actual University.  Your guess is as good as mine when the coaches plan on putting him in the lineup.  I can see them being patient and ramping him up slowly. 

Back injuries can be nagging, especially for a big guy so I am nervous and hope for the best for him. 


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ankylosing spondylitis? Just throwing out a random spinal condition to see if it sticks to the wall? This is just an absurd thread, worse than your run of the mill recruiting speculation.

He probably has a common disc herniation or foraminal stenosis which may or may not be resolved through conservative non-surgical therapy. But to throw out a random 100% speculative diagnosis on a message board is ridiculous.


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we really don't need him until conference season starts.  Best to rest him and not jeopardize his professional career, even if it means dropping a couple of non confrence games.


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The element of "oh it's just a booboo" gives this injury the air of Denards elbow, something we all assumed would go away but ended up being way more serious than was let on. If you go back to injuries last year Beilein was never coy or dodgy about Morgans ankle or Horfords knees, so why now?

In the words of Han Solo, I have a bad feeling about this.


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If there is interest, MLive had some minor analysis of the McGary issue - non-medical, of course - (HERE). It does contain some snippets from Beilein's interview on The Huge Show:

"Simonson countered by asking Beilein, “So you’d have no problem in shutting (McGary) down the entire non-conference schedule if you had to?” To which Beilein replied, “If it came to that.”

He was quick to reiterate, however, that they are pleased with the progress McGary and that they have an idea of the timetable should the progress continues as it has. No specifics, of course. 

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Ha. Touche, Jake. I hope you're strumming your one-string guitar, smiling on us from above. 

Edit: Whoops. This posted in wrong place; was in response to Shakey Jake above.