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You spelled Guillen wrong.


Also, please die in a fire, you're ruining America with your corporate advertising attempting to infiltrate the sanctum of Michigan football.

Please cease and desist.

Discontinue immediately.

Or we shall be forced to unleash or army of Narwhal riding Polar Bears upon you.

Below is a picture of a Polar Bear jumping onto a Narwhal.

While you cannot visibly see the Narwhal, I assure you it is there.

Be warned.

They are coming.


Son of Lloyd Brady

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Hell yes, can't wait to see Mitch, Glenn, Nick, and all future recruits representing the University of Michigan with honor and integrity. Beilein has done a tremendous job so far and the best is yet to come!


Charlie Chunk

November 4th, 2011 at 7:57 PM ^

Life just got a whole lot better as a Michigan Basketball fan!  Don't get me wrong, things were fine before, but now we have a very good big man.  I'm excited and I feel like we just got man sized blessed!

Go Blue!