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Submitted by orillia on December 31st, 2010 at 10:53 AM

Hey guys- I have been in a coma for the entire year.  I was just wondering what has been happening with regard to the blog for the last year?  You know- what topics have I missed, what should I be brought up to speed on?........anyway- thanks for the help


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An ESPN reporter announced that an anonymous source had tipped him off to the fact that Rich Rodriguez was about to be let go.  And despite the sourceless nature of the story, the Detroit Free Press dutifully ran with the story, relying on and referring to the ESPN guy.

No, wait.  That was 2009.  Here's the link, to the Free Press story, quoting ESPN's Michael Wilbon on the Tony Kornheiser radio program.  November of 2009.  You don't even need to bother to click on this link; the Free Press has taken the story down:


So, in a year's time, you missed nothing, rumor-wise.  But on the field, you missed one of the most dazzling years by a Michigan quarterback in the history of football in Ann Arbor.


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I am the new ruler of this blog and all that worship at my feet will be awarded five wives who have the fertility of 20 orangutans and will birth boys with SEC speed.

st barth

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...a pretty good story about a poster here who unexpectedly met his girlfriends parents (from another country too!) and a bunch of hilarious events then unfolded.  Or maybe that was a movie I caught on late night TV...I can't really remember...sorry


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Dilithium...No, not that crap from Star Trek.  Even better.  If used properly with laces untied, it produces jaw-dropping speed, stops on a dime (nine cents change) and can cut in any direction like a Ginsu knife and score from anywhere on the field.

Other than that...nothin

That is all


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The definition of Michigan Man is whatever is in your heart, Unicorns are still neat, dropping Nukes on threads happens, and speed still kills. Oh, and Iowa smokes grass.


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team actually increased this year. Oh yea, Izzo is a cheater and OSU players are getting paid any way they can.  Our football team is playing New Years Day.