Minor Injury

Submitted by Ziff72 on October 29th, 2009 at 10:17 AM

For 2 years now I have been hoping for Brandon Minor to establish himself as a great running back and carry this team. I love the way he plays. From the beginning of last year when Mcguffie got the start I have been frustrated with these flashes only to be reminded by RR that Minor is hurt every Monday in his presser. I appreciate Minor grinding thru the pain and I admire RR for protecting his player, but my question is this. Other than not being able to carry the ball in his one hand last year due to the wrist have you ever really noticed Minor is hurt when he runs?? For a guy with a high ankle sprain and heel and foot problems he still looks great to me. He must have an amazing pain tolerance, because he always looks good to me when he has the ball. Do you guys at the games ever notice a limp or anything that gives it away?? Here's to 25 carries and 200yds this week for Minor...or more like 13 carries for 85 yds and 6 amazing runs. I can't wait to see him in his last game against Ohio St. The thought of the fury in his running that day gets me juiced up.



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Minor plays with a lot of rage. He has a very high pain tolerance. This is displayed by the fact that you just don't see any visible setbacks when he's running. He looks like he's fine. When he's in a lot of pain though, you will see him limping off the field after runs. It's obvious he's injured when you see him on the sidelines, but when you see him running the ball, you'd never realize it.


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At the beginning of the PSU game this week, I noticed him get to the outside and cut it up with speed and ease that I hadn't seen all season. Then, on an inside run, he got rolled over and came up limping. After that he carry he was grinding it out despite the pain in my epinion.


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He may not look hurt while he is carrying the ball but if he is slowed down at all then he is at a disadvantage. You can tell on the sidelines that he isn't 100%. it is a shame, he is a tremendous RB.


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I'm gonna go out on a limb here (pun intended), and even though this is different from what everyone above has said, and say that Minor runs with rage, ignores the pain, and thus you can't tell he is injured until he limps off the field.


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We have seats 12 rows behind the Michigan bench and I didn't notice Brandon coming off the field or roaming the sidelines with any limp or gimpy-gate. Granted, we did leave early due to the weather and a thirst for a couple of beers, but I believe it was after he was rolled over. It would be wonderful to have a healthy Brandon for our sake and his - he is an excellent talent!


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If Minor's health and luck matched his heart, he would have been one of the best backs to ever wear the maize and blue. It would have been a lot better transition the last couple of years with a healthy Minor, Brown, and Antonio Bass.

Sooner or later, the run of bad injury luck has to turn around. I just hope it's sooner.


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He's on Mel Kipers draft board (risers) also and I dont know how that is possible knowning dude cant go week in and week out. He is a 1000 yrd rusher but he cant complete a season... Him and Brown, they will never hit 600 yrds a season this year.... I bet money Denard will be either 2nd or third leader rusher on the team by seasons end SMH. Waste of talent...

Blue Balls

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He knows that there is a greater chance of a more serious injury. David Molk was the latest player to find himself in such a situation. Coach Rod would be the first to say I'd like to rest the guy(Molk) but what choice did I have? Moosman was struggling and we have a freshmen quarterback with a sore shoulder out there, Coach Rod had little choice. I tried to explain this in my blog "Should Tate start this week" and got hammered by several bloggers. While Coach Rod still has a "choice" to start Nick Sheridan and not an ultimatum, should Nick get the chance to play more(and Denard) and give Tate a chance to heal up(only bring Tate in if He has to). I think Illinois is the right game and time for this to happen. Rest Minor and Tate as much as the game permits-a win over OSU is still possible but only if both these players are healthy. I feel many bloggers are overlooking Tates shoulder injury when they question Coach Rod's play calling. I would like to see Tate roll out more verse his scramble-just my thoughts.

Blue boy johnson

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Minor's injury reminds me of a Juan Marichal quote lamenting the always sore arm of Sandy Koufax, "Koufax arm sore before game, Koufax arm sore after game, but Koufax arm no sore during game"