Minor Dunn Update: Just talked to Meyer

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DunnItAlready25 Bri'onte Dunn 
Just got off the phone with Urban Meyer
Dymonte1 Dymonte Thomas 
@DunnItAlready25 if you don't come to Michigan we are no longer cousins lol
Dymonte1 Dymonte Thomas 
@DunnItAlready25 what ever he says it don't matter you don't wanna be part of the spread and also you could maybe start next year for blue
S_Morris12 Shane Morris 
@tstrobes: “@Dymonte1@DunnItAlready25 if you don't come to Michigan we are no longer cousins lol” that goes for me too.” And me too!! <3
It'll be interesting to see how this all shakes out.



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Steve Slaton went over 1,000 three times playing for West Virginia. Running Backs unfortunately never stayed healthy while RichRod was at U of M -- Fitz could have contributed a lot in 2010 had he not been the sideline, and Brandon Minor and Carlos Brown also could have gotten a lot more yards had they not been constantly injured, even on the horrible 2008 team.


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I think the comparison is fine. It isn't necessarily between Michigan and WV; its more of distinction between RR's spread offensive scheme and Urbans. RR offense ran in WV ran around 70% of the time and utilized RBs heavily. They weren't just lead blockers. As such Noel Devine wanted to play in the offense. It doesn't exactly matter that the Big East doesn't have elite defenses but during RR's time there the Big East had some elite offenses (Louisville, WV, and Rutgers/Ray Rice). I don't know why you are so frustrated about the WV comparison. The poster was just explaining that RR used RBs when he had them. We just didn't exactly have any we could use effectively when he was here, since he overlooked Minor the first season and after giving Minor the reigns not being able to pass might fly in the Big East but not the Big Ten. Then Minor was injured most of 2009. Shit.


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According to Wikipedia, after Urban Meyer landed his HC job at Bowling Green, he made several trips to visit spread offense head coaches to learn from them.  One of them was Rich Rod at WVU.  The article goes on to say that he used a lot from RR with some tweeks. 

So basically, 2006 FLA was RR + GMatt = National Championship.  Kind of kidding, but really interesting..


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The thing that is concerning is that in each of Toussaint's 3 seasons, he has spent a considerable portion of the time injured or banged up.  RB is a high contact position, and he has a reputation of being fragile.  If he gets banged up early next season, we go back to having no RB to take the pressure off Denard.  We need Dunn.


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We didn't beat Meyer in '08 using the pro-style offense.  We were primarily a spread team in that game and it worked great.  OSU beat us the previous year by coming out 4 wide and we never adjusted properly.  The reason we're able to beat SEC teams and compete for B1G titles is because we typically have better athletes on our side of the ball.  We might shift away from the zone read offense after Gardner, but we shouldn't totally go I-form, 2 TE.


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Classes start on January 4 (pdf). The last day for drop/add and I believe the last day to enroll for winter term is January 24. A couple years ago, we had the question about whether Devin Gardner would early enroll. He did, but he did so late. I don't know how when Dunn commits affects his ability to early enroll. You've got to figure there has to be some time for the HS and the University to get the paperwork together. I believe that was one of the issues with Gardner.  


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Pryor got sold that Tressel would help him become an NFL ready prospect.  That didn't exactly go over well, but that's what sold him.  Michigan is selling Dunn on the offense and family.  The recruits in this class are becoming very family like, and I love that.  Getting good chemistry before they even start playing together.


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I have a cousin who teaches high school history at Canton Glenoak. He says Dunn has been Blue the entire time. According to him, Dunn wants to enroll early to be ready for Alabama. No worries Michigan, Dunn has been and will go blue. He's just an attention whore..


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That's how he is. My cousin has said numerous times he had caught Dunn talking to the Glenoak AD about attending Michigan. Frankly, he wants to be pursued and to pick a hat on signing day. That's how he is. But according to my sources, which are VERY reliable, Dunn will put on the Michigan hat come signing day.


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Could it be that maybe the Glenoak faculty is made up of mostly Buckeye fans?  I wouldn't call a kid an attention whore who barely gave out any information or interviews during this entire process. I also wouldn't call a kid an attention whore when you want him to get that attention as a star running back for your team.